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Friday, February 26, 2010

Music Review; Nikki Minaj

Female rappers have always been few and far between. My generation had Lil Kim and Foxy Brown and the generation before me had MC Lyte, Salt n Pepa, and Queen Latifah and it seem that this generation has Nikki Minaj. The transition the has occurred between the styles in female rappers is tremendous. The clothing style has changed, the rapping style has changed and a new era of 'sex appeal' was brought about when Lil Kim came on the scene.

Nevertheless, Nikki Minaj has made me scratch my head several times. She is aiming for the sex appeal that Lil Kim had but her rapping technique is like none I have ever seen before. Foxy Brown and Lil Kim were mediocre rappers morso known for their sexual lyrics and image. Yet, in the past 2 weeks I have heard Nikki on at least 7 different tracks. Some tracks have that barbie doll touch, some have that tough raspy touch and others have a west coast kind of touch.

Until recently I have never really formed an opinion about Nikki Minaj because I never really thought she was opinion worthy; however, I might have been wrong. Although she looks a hot mess (at least to me) she is the only female rapper in the game right now. She's on so many different tracks right now she's like the female version of Lil Wayne...ok maybe not, but you get the point. I'm not going to address the whole "Barbie" image she is selling but lyrically I think we need to start giving lil Nikki Minaj some credit because she is definitely alot more versatile then the female rappers before her.

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