My Theory

"Forget what you heard, recognize what you see. I know you heard the here's the real me." XoXo

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Life's Good

Today I woke up feeling very thankful. My mood was much better than it has been in months and the crazy thing is that nothing in my life has significantly changed to make me feel this way. I guess u can say for once I was able to isolate all the cloudy distractions and see life for what it really is. Life is good. Things are not the way I ever expected them to be but when I think about how much worse they could be the phrase "what's not to like??" comes to mind.

A close friend of mine once named me LG in lieu of LG electronics. At the time it was hilarious because my real initials are actually LG. However, what was once cute is now very fitting as LG stands for "Life's Good." Today and going forward I have decided to adopt the mantra of Life's Good and apply it to my life. Things may not be how I visualized they would be, but heck, when I look around what's not to like???

Life is Good!!!

Memorial Weekend

I just ended a wonderful weekend filled with relaxation and fun. On Saturday, I had the opportunity to meet up with a cousin I haven't seen in over 10 years. Our little reunion left me with a very comforting feeling to know that I have family in MD aside from my sorors and frat brothers. Saturday night, my LS and I decided to frequent the well known lounge called "Josephine's". The lounge was lame but judging from the picture below you can tell my LS and I partied like rock stars!

Sunday, was filled with an inspiring word by my pastor about the tests and trials of life and how to prepare for them. During his brutally honest word he mentioned that saved people should not be going to clubs. Being as though the night before I was in the club myself it made me really wonder. Does going to the club mean your living a hot and cold life even if you go home in the same condition you arrived in?? I'd love to hear your thoughts on that. I'm growing but I guess there is still some work that needs to be done.

Anywho, on Monday despite the rain, I still found myself traveling on 95 North to attend a cookout in Baltimore. I had a heck of a great time and although I will have to hit the gym every day this week just to burn off the pecan pie I ate and brought back home it was well worth it. If that wasn't enough on Tuesday, the day you guys all went back to work, well I slept till 10, chatted on the phone in my PJ's until 3, went to the gym, worked out for 1 hour, followed by 20 minutes of relaxation and mediation in the steam room. With nothing left to do for the remainder of the day except for relax, all I can really say is that life is great...what's not to like!!!

I hope you enjoyed my weekned as much as I did. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts on the club subject.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

This year for Mother's Day my mom decided to come to MD and visit her baby girl! We had a fabulous time. I never could understand how a mother and daughter could not be close because my mom is almost like my girlfriend. We talked, we shopped, we played games, and while we might not always agree on every issue we know how to agree to disagree and get back to the fun stuff.

My mom arrived Friday night so we pretty much relaxed and caught up on long over due girl talk. Saturday morning, we went to the gym, worked out, sat in the steam room and then had a healthy lunch in the cafe. Saturday night I decided that Georgia Brown's was the perfect place for our Mother's Day eve dinner. Dinner was delightful and quite expensive but defiently worth every penny. We woke up Sunday morning and went to church where the Pastor spoke about a mother's love. Brunch followed immediately after and we were still on the go. Nothing says Mother's Day like mother daughter shopping, and shop we did.

I could go over every detail about the weekend and why I had such a great time having my mom with me but I won't. The important thing for you all to know is that the realationship between a mother and daughter is priceless. If you are not close to your mom it is never too late to establish the bond. I am so very thankful that I was blessed with the perfect mom!