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Sunday, July 1, 2012

White Collar vs Blue Collar

At a recent dinner with the girls I was accused of being "classist".  I was horrified that my own line sister would say such a harsh thing to me especially since I felt that comment was 100% incorrect.  The snide comment originated during girl talk when I was telling the girls about some of my exciting and not so exciting adventures of being single.  I mentioned that the "new guy" was blue collar and how much I hated it.  I liked the guy yes, however his blue collar tendencies NO!

What are blue collar tendencies you ask? Ok, I will tell you, just keep in mind this is my blog my opinions

-Inability to plan, dates/dinners everything is last minute preferenced by "I'm spontaneous".
-Inability to dress appropriately for the occasion. Dinner date includes me dressed up in an after work outfit and him in jeans, a shirt, and sneakers even though it is a Thursday at 5:30.
-Inability to be assertive in everyday life usually taking the more laid back approach, thus making me make all the decisions.

So what are white collar tendencies, I am sure you are wondering.  Well white collar tendencies usually include a man who will always be dressed correctly for a date, he will always have a plan and we will usually have a pretty decent allowance for dinner.  The drawback, is that white collar men can sometimes be playboys, workaholics and sometimes just too arrogant/self absorb.

Nonetheless, for the purpose of this blog I want to explore the psyche of the blue collar man.  Their good traits usually include: humbleness, kind heartedness, and hardworking.  However, despite these good traits for me I have always found it somewhat challenging, to date a blue collar man.  The saying fail to plan means you plan to fail was very prevalent in my house growing up.  So at a early age my mom has always taught us to plan.  Even if I do not have a solid plan out loud I have one strategized in my head.  These days when it’s time to go out, it is not a foreign thought that the guy will leave the date for the night up to me.  The place, the activity, the time, everything. Which leaves me to wonder what happened to the days when men were go getters and had a plan in mind and all us ladies had to do was look pretty and be ready?
My experiences do not apply to every man and it is indeed possible that the results have no correlation to ones career path. However, it is what I have witnessed thus far. My most recent encounter included my blue collar date asking me if I wanted to share an appetizer as the meal? Yes folks the meal.  Now maybe this could have occurred with a white collar guy but I don't know if I believe that.

Share some of your thoughts and experiences on the white collar vs. blue collar man? I am curious to hear your thoughts.


  1. Like my mom and aunt always told me, very important to find a partner with whom you're equally yoked! Folks don't have to like it, but it is what it is. So yes, I agree with you 100%.

    And.... hey boo!!!! *waving* Love to see you back blogging! xo

    1. Thanks Yakini, eloquently said :-)

      looking forward to stoping by your page tomorrow to see your outfit reviews*

  2. Hmmm. Well to me there is nothing sexier than a man who works, blue or white collar, in the office, at home, in church or at a 9-5. I wanna see him getting his hustle on, doing his thing to provide for himself and eventually a family. One thing I can say about my father, he got up every morning and worked a blue collar job, without complaints that I know of. He came home every night and did chores around the house, so I expect that from every man. I can deal with the attire if your attitude is like, "I've been hustling all day, let me bathe real quick and throw on something clean...find me something to wear, babe..." or "This is all I can afford, but I really want to spend time with her..." or "Babe, I don't know anything about fine dinning or culture. Expose me to something new. You plan...". I think the tendencies that you are describing have nothing to do with class, rather they have everything to do with just being trifling in this day and age. Value laden men are hard to come by, but they do come in all classes, races, shapes and sizes. So don't close the door fully on a blue collar man; close it on trifling men. Don't miss your blessing because of a few bad apples.


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