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Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Finally Speaks But Why??

"It's not what you achieve its what you overcome" these were the words spoken by Tiger Woods today in his first appearance since November. I wonder if that quote still applied when tiger was at the top of his game and the endorsements kept coming in. For 15 minutes Tiger stood rehashed the details of his affairs in a poised, calm manner. While he addressed many of the rumors such as the domestic abuse, the performance enhancers, his sex rehab therapy and many other issue, I heard no sincerity in words. Tiger stated he was going away and when he returned he would make his "behavior more respectful to the game" but it all just sounded so lame. The press praised him for apologizing and putting everything out on the table but maybe I was watching something different. The words were right but the body language and his tone looked empty. At one point he even looked straight at the camera and said "leave my wife and kids alone" and I almost practically laughed because he sounded like he was reading a script for a commercial.

Like any another man who gets caught in his mess Tiger has hit rock bottom and is now in full damage control mode. As I listened to the news say that Tiger's speech was "remarkable" I had to wonder. I mean any girl who has ever been cheated on before can tell you that, that speech reeked of rehearsal and not sincerity. Between him glancing back and forth at his notes and timing his eye contact with the camera perfectly it was a debacle. Call me old fashion but regardless of how much money or fame one has, when you speak from your heart cue cards and camera gazes become irrelevant. I would have liked to see Tiger address the audience and fess up to his mistakes without the cue cards and the rehearsals, just real talk.

Tiger is not the first man to cheat and unfortunately he won't be the last one, but given the magnitude in which he cheated (the prostitutes,the payoffs, and ALL of the mistresses) I think America deserved more., I think his wife deserved more. Fox news and channel 7 can say he was remarkable if they want, I say...he's only sorry because he got caught; now that's real talk!

Let me know your thoughts!!!!

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  1. First of all, Tiger is huMAN. That means he is not perfect and will always fall short! That does not mean, however, that he needs to repent on national television about his shortcoming (no pun intended). What happened in his marriage is between he and his wife and should be handled as such. Yes, the man just happens to be a billionaire, but why does mean he has to discuss his marital affairs with the public? The moment this hit the news, I knew it had to be personal and hoped the media would respect that, but the media did it's job and probably created a greater divide between the couple. We are not talking about what he had for dinner, we are talking about his isn't that what the government is preachin'?


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