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Friday, February 12, 2010

A Rose to Happiness

The other day
one of the worst snow storms ever.
After suffering from cabin fever for the past 2 days I decided to venture off to Starbucks. Conditions on the road would not allow me to drive so I headed out on foot. My friend and I met and after walking 15 blocks in the cold and snow we warmed our fingers and toes to tea and cider.

The subject of relationships came up and my friend began to tell me how woman always ask questions they already KNOW the answer to. I did my best in standing up for woman all over the world and I told him that men are so complicated, sometimes we never know what's going on with them. He strongly disagreed with me and began to tell me a story about 2 of his co-works, Carl and Tasha.

Carl and Tasha was dating and broke up because Tasha found Carl cheating. Carl begged Tasha for another chance and at first she wouldn't hear him, but eventually she softened up a little bit. Tasha told Carl exactly what she wanted him to do, to get her back and the list consisted of 1 small task....."buy me flowers she said." Carl, would whine about him not being a "flower kind of guy" yet he still wanted Tasha back. For the next few month Carl and Tasha would be on again off again, on again off again, and the flower issue would come up every time.

My friend used this story to make his point that even though Carl knew what to do and deliberately did not do it, Tasha would still allow herself to be confused by his actions and would always question why Carl would not get her flowers.

Listening to this story I realized I had no opinion. I didn't know what was going on with Carl. He would take Tasha to lunch, put in quality time to see her yet, his trifling ways would not allow him to do the smallest thing. If this was a issue that could be resolved in time, I don't know. If this was a indication that Carl was a dirt bag and not worth it...I don't know that either.

My friend and I concluded the conversation with him saying that deep down...Tasha already knows if the dude can't do the one thing she asked when she made it as simple as possible for him, she should know what that means. We left the conversation at that and we both moved on to another topic.

The irony in this story is that within 24 hours I received a text from this same friend saying "Guess what, Carl FINALLY brought Tasha some flowers today who knew?" I thought that was the sweetest valentines story I heard all week and although I don't know Tasha I am happy for her, because every girl deserves a rose. I hope my friend has come to the realization that sometime woman really don't we hope.

The moral of the story never know :-)

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!

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