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Friday, February 19, 2010

Different World

For those of you who didn't know TV One has been airing daily episodes of "Different World" in lieu of Black History month. I loved loved loved Different World and it is a contributing factor in why I chose to go to a HBCU. Different World made getting an education look fun. Week after week I would watch Whitney and the girls, learn life long lessons about the importance of friendships, the pains of relationships and real life issues such as date rape and racism. Today's episode was when Whitney headed off the step team and boy did that take me back to my own stepping days ZPHI!!!! But I digress.

I couldn't fathom anyone not liking this show so if you get a chance definitely check it out. It airs on TV One at 12am ET.

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  1. A Different World is probably my favorite show of all time. And yes, it was a major influence in my choosing a HBCU.


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