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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tatted UP!

The other day I had a 10-15 years from now what will the world be like.  I thought of the mohawks, the guys wearing skinny jeans, the preteens who wear a face full of make up and then I thought about the TATTOOS. In 10 years from now the younger generation of today will be the older generation tomorrow and what will that look like?

In today's world having a tattoo is very common, almost expected.  Teenagers are getting them, older people are getting them, middle age people are getting them, its almost scary just how common tattoo's are becoming. Wheather its the tramp stamp or the full back design the tattoo industry is really making a killing right now.

When I first got my tattoo at 18 it made me unique.  Everyone wanted one but back then few people actually got it.  As bad as it sounds I got it as a mark of Independence. For me it was a rebellious act that paved the way for me start making my own decisions.  It was not a form of  body art or a silly act of having a boyfriends name on me, it was simply something cool to do so I did it.

Looking back, I would have made a different choice and did without the tattoo, but in today's world a tattoo is a form of expression. Its body art.  It can be a canvas for an artist, a declaration of love for a parent, child or lover, or it could be a symbol of something memorable.  Either way I wonder what the work force will look like when the teens of today are adults running major corporations with tattoos peaking from sleeves, pantyhose, wrists and necks.
A few weeks ago my best friend attended a wedding and as he recapped the highlights for the day he told me how appauled he was at the number of overly detailed tattoos peeking out under beautiful gowns and dresses. Tattoos that went from the right shoulder all the way to the left.  Tattoos that boldly decorated cleavage and necklines.  And lets not forget the tattoos that subtly peaked out on ankles and feet. 

While I am indifferent to how others decide to design their bodies, I wonder if the world has gone too far with the tattoos.  If teens are averaging 1-3 tattoos now, what will it be like in 10 years?

          What do you thing of the tattoo epidemic? 

           Do you have one and has the world gone too far?

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