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Monday, March 1, 2010

"We In the Middle Of Whole Foods"

I'm not sure where it came from but it seems as though I have recently developed an addiction to Whole Foods. While I am a pretty healthy eater, I never thought I was one to be caught up in the "organic food epidemic", yet, I often find myself in stores like Whole Foods (WF) and Trader Joe's spending far more money than I should. Trader Joe's, is where I go when the budget doesn't allow for Whole Foods prices, but when the budget is right I can spend hours in Whole Foods. I don't really buy anything big but here is what I brought today:

-Dried Apricots (I love, love, love them)
-Mini Pita breads
-a $10.00 fruit cup for my protein shakes (I know that's pricey but their fruit is delish and it has Mango's)
-large bottle of Voss (I needed a new water bottle for the gym)
-Kettle Corn Gourmet popcorn (its healthy!)
-a bag of Mandarins (I've eaten 3 in one day so you know they are good)
-3 Granny Smith Apples (I'm going to start make my own juice since I only drink water right now)
-Incense (surprised WF sold it)
-sparking water

Those few items, caused me a pretty penny but it was well worth it. More than anything I believe people pay for the quality of food and the experience at Whole Foods. The food always is fresh, they have the best samples to try and the store itself takes organic and healthy eating to a whole new level. When I lived in New York I was familiar with Whole Food's but I never really thought to shop there. Somewhere between Andre 3000 mentioning it in the "You" remix and new locations popping up sporadically, Whole Foods has proven itself to be the Nordstroms of the organic food industry.

The Whole Foods in New York surpasses any other Whole Foods that I have ever been too. It has about 34 registers and a pretty structured checkout system to ensure everyone is served as quickly as possible. While I didn't see the peanut butter machine in the Maryland WF's I will say that New York's WF has a peanut butter machine that actually allows you to grind your choice in peanuts into a whipped butter right before your eyes. I brought a tube and it was very good.

If you are looking to start eating healthier or if you never been to WF's I definitely suggest you try it at least once. It is a little more pricier than Trader Joe's but Whole Foods has something for everyone so go see what they have for you. Just be sure to bring your wallet.

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