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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Name That P♥lish

Ladies when you have those girlie moments and you buy things like nail polish, have you ever paid attention to the names of the polish? The other day my girls and I was strolling through the brightly lit isles of Sephora and I came across the nail polish section. Amongst rows and rows of nail polish from Dior to Nars, to Sephora by OPI, housed a rainbow of beautiful colors. As I scanned through the polishes they ranged not only in colors from nude hues to neon colors but the prices ranged as well. From $9.00 to $48.00 you could paint your nails any color you could possibly think of. What was more mind boggling than the price of the polish was the NAME of these polishes. The names of these polishes was absolutely absurd yet hilarious. Some of my favorites were: Naughty is the New Nice, Teal We Meet Again, Go My Own Way, I'm Wired, What's Your Point-settia? and Shinny Dancer.

You have to laugh at some of these names because although they are catchy the correlation between the colors and the names just never connect. My weird observation at Sephora made me curious to see the name of some of my favorite polishes at home. This is what I found: Girly, Love Letters, East Village, Sparkling Personality, Steel-her Heart,Scandalous, Let Me Go, Black Lingerie, Park Avenue, Get Nude Now, Goin to the Chapel, Fashionista, Meet Me On The Star Ferry, Nice is Nice, Bahama Mama, Only Gold For Me, Tyin the Knot!, Fed Up and Espres-so Yellow. The list goes on and I honestly had to stop myself but how do they come up with this stuff. Until today I never knew I owned yet alone wore "scandalous" or "I'm fed up" nail polish! While its all in good fun as I read back the names of some of these polishes no color in particular comes to mind. For instance, what color is East Village? (green). What color is scandalous? (its fuschia glitter) and what color is I'm Fed Up? (its neutral go figure).

The theme in the marketing strategy is consistent. The names are flirty, fun, and humorous with a hint of realism. I suppose wearing "I'm Fed Up" gives you extra girl power throughout the day. Wearing "Sparkling Personality" makes you extrovert of the year. I am tickled by this and I believe I should be on the nail polish name committee. Here are some of my very own names I would love to see on a bottle of nail polish: I Hate Monday's, I'm Over You!, A Mimosa Please, Working Late, I'm getting a divorce!, Flirting with 30, Meet Me At the Bar, I'm Having a Baby!, Lets Wait, American Idol, Hail Me a Taxi, Date Night, I'm Taken, Smiles and Stilletoes, and I Love Boys. Call me crazy but I think I have a niche for this :-)

If you could name a nail polish what would it be?


  1. lol I'm loving the "smiles and stilettos" name, someone needs to make that a color ASAP


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