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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summertime Fine

Having a crush is always an amazing feeling no matter how old you are. Whether it is a celebrity crush or someone you see everyday that  feeling of "what if" is priceless. As the summer draws near I fugured it would be fun to list MY personal Top 5 Summertime Fine Celebrity Crushes:

Clearly I like the same type of men lol. Who are YOUR Summertime Fine celebrity crushes???

Friday, June 22, 2012

Everybody Needs Something

 Have you ever seen someone and you know they are just going through it.  You want to help but you don't know what exactly to do.  You want to say something but you also don't want to pry.  So you wind up doing nothing and before the day is over you have totally forgotten about it. Meanwhile, the person you was concerned about earlier has drifted throughout the day feeling ignored, unimportant, insignificant and maybe even worthless. Maybe your words, your concern, your desire to give them a hug could have changed the course of their life that day.

 I never want to be the person too caught up in my own agenda that I looked right past the lady on the train with tears in her eyes.  Or the man in the break room that has been looking down and out for the past week yet everyone ignores him.

Everyone is struggling with something, loneliness, disappointments, fear, pain, hurt, death something.   Some of us are strong enough to bear it others are not. In your saddest moments if you are not careful your mind will make your temporary situation seem permanent. Your mind can make your hopeful situation seem hopeless. People have taken their lives because things just seemed too much to bear.  I have always wondered about Marilyn Monroe,  Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston, did they share their grief but no one heard them?  Did their cry for help go unnoticed?  I guess these are answers we will never know.  But what I do know is that a empathetic ear goes a long way, a hug can make a difference, a soft tone and words of love can be encouraging in the worst situations.

Going forward I will make this my agenda, to open my eyes and my heart to others who may be hurting inside. I do not have the perfect solution for every problem, I might not have a solution at all, but if you read this and you wonder if anyone cares know that I do. Know that I pray everyday for those that hurt inside.   If you read this and want to reach out to me leave a comment, follow me on twitter or send me a email and we will figure it out :)

I included the song below because it always makes me smile. We are all in need and we all want the same thing.  I truly hope this blog helps someone.

Thanks for stopping by.