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Sunday, July 10, 2011

We Be Clubbing.........NOT!

I have never been a true club person but I admit I have always tried to be. There is something about getting dressed up looking sexy going to a place where there will be men, good cocktails and music that makes you want to shake a tail feather. This has always given me a high level of excitement sometimes even a rush. Over the years what I have come to find out is that although the act of going to the club sounds enticing it is not all it's cracked up to be. Somewhere between the men pulling on me, the sweaty crowds and the tons of men harassing me for my number I have decided that the club is totally overrated!

After a uneventful Friday and Saturday, when my girl called me and asked me if I wanted to go out Saturday night I was all in. Getting pretty, wearing something nice and going out mixing and mingling was just what I needed. I have the bad habit of picking up cute item as I see them, so finding something to wear was not a problem at all. I pulled out my cute little black dress and my Aldo tricolor stilettos and I was out the door. I felt a little self conscious in my dress at first debating if it was too much or too short. However, once I got to the club and saw what other woman was wearing I felt fine in what I was wearing.

I can honestly say the night was a mediocre. It seems as though once you find yourself you have to be true to yourself and at this point I am not a club person. I don't need 20 guys grabbing on me trying to get my phone number and I don't need to be as naked as possible to get attention. No judgment on any woman who needs these acts of reassurance I just don't. The guys was totally at an all time low and I can assure you my Boaz was NOT in the building. Fortunately I was able to make the most the most of the night by enjoying my cocktails and getting my dance on with my girl. Life is what you make it, so I am glad I at least got out and did something. I can't say I will never go to the club ever again but I will say it probably will not be anytime soon.

I did love my dress though. What do you guys think?