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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm Just Saying

Today is a list of random rants that have spiked a reaction from me:

1. What does someones sexual preference have to do with their ability to go to war? I'm just saying....

2. So Reggie Bush had to give back his Heisman for accepting money but Republican senate candidate Christine O'Donnell can use campaign funds to pay her rent and other personal expenses? I'm just saying.....

3. Did Lil Wayne really call the lovely ladies of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
B*@!hs? Weezy what has ZPHIB done to you??? I'm just saying...

4. Did Pretty Boy Player Floyd really buy 2 different diamond rings or did he recycle 1? Come on Floyd what about Chilli? I'm just saying...

5. Now that she is finished with Reggie Bush and Miles Austin is Kim Kardashian going to date Ochocinco and Tony Romo??? come on Kimmie no more NFL players!! I'm just saying.......

6. Did TI and Tiny both get arrested a few weeks ago for drug possession when they are not only 30 but they are parents? Wow get it together, I'm just saying...

7. Is Wyclef really going to go back to music as if he wasn't just trying to be the President of Haiti a few weeks ago?

8. Do we really want to see Brandy on Dancing with the Stars? I think not! I'm just saying....

9. Did Soulja boy really step to Fabulous saying he could end his musical career?? Yeah right, with what? pretty boy swag? I'm just saying......

10.So now that Michael Vick is starting for the Philadelphia Eagles will that really make a difference? NOPE, I'm just saying....

Thanks for reading my rants this week. Stay tuned to see who will make the cut next week!

Love or Lust- What You See Is Not Always What You Get

Have you every brought an expensive item that you just had to have? Whether it was a car, shoes, a purse or even a electronic gadget have you ever lusted for something just to get it and realize its not what you thought. The features that initially sold you are now really unimportant and whatever started your fascination with the purchase has now worn off. Compare that with something else you brought yet years later you still truly love it. This item is still worth every penny and instead of looking for your receipt to do a return you would do it all over again. This is the difference between lust and love.

Lust wears off and the moment the true flaws are revealed you want to run like hell and return it. You begin to question yourself and wonder why you did not read the fine print. Why you didn't see the red flags like the zipper that gave you a little bit of a struggle, or small dent that you convinced yourself was only visible to you. These are the flaws that you overlooked in the midst of your lust. You thought you could live with them but now you realize this small flaw that you once over looked has now evolved to a really big issue.

Love on the otherhand withstands the true test of time. Despite the flaws you learn to overcome the fact that your $800 Louboutins scuff every time you wear them because they make you feel unstoppable and overall you are so happy with them it doesn't matter. You can overlook the fact that the salesman told you your seats have automatic heating when they really don't because the car has every other feature known to man you can live without one. This feeling of contentment comes from knowing you did the necessary research first and that your purchase was not an impromptu purchase but a well thought out decision.

In our everyday lives lust is everywhere. Lust manipulates your mind and forces you to go against your better judgment, causing you to get caught up in the bells and whistles. This is the difference between love and lust. Love withstands and lust fades away. Things are not always what they seem so whether it is an elaborate purchaser, a person you desired or a object you have obsessed over, make sure you absolutely LOVE it cause lust will fool you.

What have you been lusting for?

DC Cocktails with Belle

Twice a year Essence writer and dating expert Demetria Lucas, hosts a networking cocktail event for like minded woman looking to advance their careers. As woman throughout the DMV area gathered for the event, Demetria, better known as a Belle In Brooklyn, was fashionably dressed and greeted her guest with genuine warmth and sincerity. As the host of the event Belle introduced herself to everyone and had no problem sharing her personal secrets to success.

The event had a wonderful turned out and the "no men allowed" rule forced the ladies to really meet and greet each other without the distraction of a man. The crowd ranged from successful lawyers and writers to college students and woman looking to transition their careers. With a room full of woman dressed in their afterwork best, mixing and mingling amongst themselves, there was nothing but opportunity for everyone.

DC Cocktails with Belle was an event that really hit on the true meaning of networking. I had an amazing time and met some important contacts while socializing with the other DC Belles.

Success is often manipulated by who you know, attend a few networking events, you never know who you may meet.

Belle and I

DC Belles' In True Networking Mode

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Perfect Concoction of A Man

African American men are something to behold. Imagine if you had the opportunity to taking the best of the best celebrity men and mix in the most significant qualities to make the perfect a man. Below are the ingredients for MY perfect celebrity concoction of a man.

Take the incredibly attractive and athletic Reggie Bush and add:
+ the body of Idris Elba
+ the sex appeal of Pooch Hall
+ the swag of Jay Z
+ the poetically mesmerizing words of Drake
+ the humor and wit of Kyle Heart
+ the ambition of Barak Obama
+ the sensual lips of LL Cool J
+ the sincere and trusting eys of Boris Kudjoe
+ the confidence of Denzel
+ the the good guy image of Lance Gross
+ the orientation of a family man like Will Smith
+ the humility and faithfulness of a man that knows and loves God.

Add that together and you have my perfection celebrity concoction of a man!

What does your perfect man look like??

Monday, September 6, 2010

Product Review: Aveda Comforting Tea

Aveda has really stepped it up with this product. I first tasted Aveda's Comforting Tea at a spa before I was about to receive my 50 minute massage. True to its name this delightful tea is both comforting and relaxing. 100% organic this tea is total bliss. When you first sip the tip its tasteless at first but has a sup rising kick of licorice and peppermint blend. With zero calories and no sugar or caffeine or flavors added this tea will sooth your nerves and relax your mind.

I typically drink this tea at night before bed and it works almost instantly. A mid-day sip of this tea will also refresh your nerves and put you in a calming place. While Aveda's Comforting Tea cannot be brought in any local store you can purchase it online at or at any luxury spa which carries Aveda products.

Aveda's Comforting Tea come in a box of 20 and is priced at $14.00 a box. While it is somewhat pricey you are guaranteed to savor this tea down to the very last drop. So the next time you need to relax and unwind instead of grabbing a glass of wine which has at least 85 calories, try Aveda's zero calories Comforting Tea.

To see more products from Aveda go to