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Friday, February 19, 2010

BK Vixen Gone ??????

The past two weeks have been the longest weeks of my life. I welcome the month of March and all the drama free days in stored for me. Lately my mind has been consumed with 3 thoughts. 1) thoughts of my grandmother 2) where will I move to and 3) the "talk". You already know that I lost my grandmother last week and have been dealing with that. Since I am not ready to tell you guys ALL my business we will skip the "talk" and we can discuss the move. Although no decisions have been made I am so excited. It lifts my spirits to know that the baggage, drama and boredom of Md will soon be behind me. When I moved from NY to MD it was exciting because it was like starting all over. Well thank God for more than two chances because I will soon have that chance again.

I've been thinking about my blog and I wonder will it read: bkvixengoneNC or bkvixengoneatl or bkvixengonechitown? None of those names sound the least bit catchy but I guess time will tell. Right now my #1 choice would be Chicago, but the cost of living is so expensive there I do better just moving back to New York. Charlotte would be my next choice but I'm looking to be baggage free, I'm not sure if Charlotte to keep me honest to that. Atlanta would be last choice but maybe the best choice. My best friend lives there, my gym has a branch there and I already secured possible living arrangements.

No matter where I go I know this is the right decision and one that I look forward too. Whether its ATl, NC or Chi-town, all three of those are well to do cities so I can't go wrong. The research continues and as usual,I will definitely keep you guys posted.

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