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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Service Worth Paying For!

The other day I needed a little pick me up so I made a trip to Nordy's. For those of you who know me you know that Nordy's is by far my FAVORITE store. While their merchandise is high end and trendy it is their quality customer service that keeps me coming back.

The shoe department is typically staffed with nicely suited salesmen who wait around all day for someone like me to increase their weekly commission checks. In this instance my salesmen was very new and fairly young so I will refer to him as the "sales guy".

I walked around the shoe department with my "I need some shoes don't play with me face" and the sales guy approached me and asked if I needed any help? I responded and said "no but I will, so stay close". I continued to peruse the shoe section in search of finding the most fabulous pair of shoes I could find, and in 15 minutes I had 3 pairs of shoes in my hand. Before I could turn around to look for my sales guy he appeared right behind me and said "what size?". I pretended like I was not impressed but I was.

My sales guy went off to retrieve my shoes and upon his return he informed me that they did not have my size in ANY of the shoes I liked, but he brought me a larger size just in case. The Charles David shoes he brought in a bigger size did not fit of course, and I immediately became disappointed. I asked him what was in the other shoe box and he revealed a pair of chiffon nude sandals. I immediately said " I didn't ask for those" and he humbly stated that he thought I might like them. Looking at him sideways all I could say was ummmmmmmm.

Suprisingly, I loved the shoes he picked out and they looked amazing on me. I played it cool the entire time but I was quite surprised that a STRAIGHT, young salesmen was able to tap into my style so perfectly in only one try. I continued to play hard ball and asked him how much the shoes were and BINGO they fell right in my price range. I could have hugged him but I managed to refrain myself.

Nordy's did not have a "brand new" pair in my size so my sales guy said they would ship me a fresh pair with no extra cost. I pouted and told him I needed the shoes by Friday but he said Tuesday would be the soonest I would receive them. Completely in love with the shoes, I agreed. We completed the purchase and I finally told my sales guy he did a very good job to be so new. He was amazed that I KNEW he was new and could pinpoint the exact timeframe in which he was hired, but hey that's what happens when you have a favorite store, you know the staff!

My sales guy wrote his name on my receipt and told me to expect my shoes on Tuesday. If that experience wasn't fabulous enough the next day I heard a knock on my door and guess who it was?? THE SHOES.

Great job CHARLES you are officially my new Nordy's sales guy.

Check out the shoes Charles picked out for me and let me know if you love them as much as I do!!!

Final Farewell to Michael Jackson

You will be missed by many and forgotten by none. Your legacy and contribution to music has paved the way for many, for years to come. You are truly one of the greatest of all times, the true King of Music.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Random Questions

1. Why is Lil Wayne expecting 2 newborn babies at the same time from 2 different women? I'm not surprised, I already told you guys about that dude.

2. Why do we always get the love and attention we want from the people we DON'T want, yet we never get enough from the people we DO want.

3. Why am I not going to be at the Beyonce concert this Wednesday because none of my girls wanted to go? I thought we all loved B, no??

4. Speaking of B, can Jay Z's "Death of Auto-Tune" get any hotter? That is seriously a cool dude!

5. Why did The Game get cancelled? what black shows do we have left to watch now???

6. Is it me or do we only have like 2 months left of summer and it has barely been hot?

7. Why is Denzel still making movies, and still killing it every time? He is truly one of OUR greatest actors of all time.

8. Why is Drake's "Best I Ever Had" one of the sweetest songs I heard this spring aside from Trey Songz "I Need a Girl"

9. Why does Dunkin Donuts now sell hash browns that are actually very good?

10. Why is New York City still the best city to be in during the summer?

Movie Review

Ok, so I spent my weekend being very lazy. Sometimes, you just need that quality quite time to get your thoughts and your mind right for the week you have just endured and the week you are about to face. Well during my quite time I watched two very good movies, He's Just Not That Into You and The Pursuit of Happiness. Ironically enough, both movies seemed to have the same theme, which is that happiness is not a casual feeling, but a state of mind in which you must aggressively aspire to obtain.

He's Just Not That Into You is a love story about four woman, three of which are single and one married, who are seeking to obtain happiness. Beth played by Jennifer Anniston, has been with her significant other for 7 years and despite the longevity of their relationship, marriage was nowhere in the foreseeable future.

Gi-gi, was another single girl who was desperately seeking to find love. She went on date after date, after date and obsessed over the actions of her dates, until she met a male friend that gave her the "rules" on how to know if a man is really into you.

Mary, played by Drew Berrymore was the 3rd single gal who searched for love through Myspace, Facebook and several other social networks. She goes through her search liking men who only text her, and prefer to respond to her by some means of technology instead of face to face.

The last character was the married woman who over the years grew quite uptight and distant from her husband. She used the good ole ultimatum method to force her man to marry her and and he did. Seven years later her honey met the beautiful Scarlet Johansson and I'm sure I don't need to tell you it was a wrap after that. We all know that girl is gorgeous and it didn't take long before Mr. Married was out creeping having a full fledged affair.

I won't give the entire story line away but these woman desperately sought to find love, and it wasn't until after they struggled and persevered that they found the love and happiness they were seeking.

This brings me to Pursuit of Happiness. Hats off to Chris Garnder, for the strong man he was. If I had to endure all the struggles he did I don't know if I would have carried it the same way. Pursuit of Happiness is an amazing story which depicts one mans struggle for happiness and the trials and tribulations he was faced with during his struggle. It appears that happiness is something you strive for despite lifes circumstances. It is not an emotion that is casually handed out, but it is a state of mind in which you can spend your whole life time pursuing or trying to maintain.

We all have different struggles in life and whether you are looking for love or just trying to make it one thing holds true, a struggle will be involved. So armor up and prepare yourself because the best things in life come with some sort of test or struggle. Either way make sure your ready!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

10 Things That Are Sooooooo Annoying!!!

1. People who cut you off just to drive 5-10 mph slower than you were.

2. People with sinuses who make those annoying sounds with their throats.

3. People who start conversations with you even when they see a cell phone attached to your ear.

4. People who text/call at inappropriate hours.

5. People who continue to lie even after they have been caught.

6. People who park their cars so close to yours that you have to slide in sideways just to get in.

7. People who do not wash their hands when they leave the restroom.

8. People who bring crying screaming babies to restaurants that are really not for children.

9. People who never have money but always want to go out.

10. People who clip their fingernails in public.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shame on Lil Wayne!!

Ok, now I am not trying to be deep but I felt an urgent need to discuss this issue. I am sure you guys all heard Lil Wayne's "Every Girl" song. Now the first 30 times I heard the song I loved it. The beat and flow of the music just made me want to roll down all the windows in "Ally" and blast the music as loud as it could go. The picture of a hot sunny day where everything is great in the world and I'm looking my cutest always came to mind. It is interesting the thoughts our brains associate with music.

Anywho, one day in a heated debate with my BFF (a male) about dating and relationships he referenced how men have their pick of woman and most often they rather have all then choose one. Now although my BFF is usually heads on I decided to take a poll and see; Do men really want to have their picks without being forced to decide on one girl? the results are quite startling.

I asked 20 attractive men, composed of white collar professionals, blue collar workers and entrepreneurs and it seems the general consensus was until they find "the one" they "like her and her and her and her too."

Regardless of if your married, single, in a relationship or casually dating, that comment should deeply disturb you. I am personally disgusted by this but it led me to go check out the words to what was once my favorite song. Unfortunately, the lyrics were so crass and disrespectful I couldn't even post them. I encourage you all to check out the lyrics to this song, you can go to:

Again, I am really not trying to be deep but its one thing if dudes are feeling this song and this is how they approach relationships but what does it say about us ladies if this very same song is the song that has us running to the dance floor jamming, talking about "I love this song". Think about it.

Your comments are welcomed.

Going Going Back Back to Cali!!!!!!!

The trip was really cool. I wish I could show you guys all of the 170 pictures that I took but I'm sure even attempting to do that would shut the whole Blogspot site down. My sister and I had a grand time and we saw every sight we had set out to see. We visited the following sites: Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Manhattan Beach, Manhattan Village, the Marina, Venice Beach, West Hollywood, the Getty Museum, La Bella (restaurant)and Apple Lounge. In only 3 days we covered it all! The weather was not the best as it was only in the low 60's with overcast, but that did not stop us. Together, we trotted along the Big City of LA and we took it all in.

I was really pleased with the Sheraton hotel. It was modern, comfy and immaculately clean. The staff was polite and professional and the valet parking attendants made us feel like princesses every time we departed and returned to the hotel.

We decided to mix our trip with a little bit of culture which is why we went to the Getty Museum. Although I was a bit hesitant at first, the Getty Museum is officially the best museum I have ever been to and I've been to alot of museums. Aside from the history the museum holds, the scenery and the total size of this museum makes it a must see for tourists!

Beverly Hills was exactly what I imagined however, I was a little disappointed with Hollywood. On the tour bus Hollywood looked amazing but when we actually got off the bus and walked around it ironically reminded me of a bootleg Times Square. Nonetheless, I was still elated to be there.

Now if your wondering if we went shopping the answer is.......YES! My sister inherited the "discipline" trait so she was ok, myself on the other hand has yet to calculate the damage I've done. Free People is now one of my favorite brands. Their clothes are cute yet classy and the sales girl was phenomenal. Not only did she start a dressing room (a familiar sales tactic) she adorned my room with accessories and items that would compliment the clothes I picked out. The items she put together were really trendy something even a fashionista such as myself would not have put together. Needless to say it pained my to remove my debit card from my purse.

There were also alot of vintage boutiques which sold some really nice dresses. In total I brought (3) dresses (2) scarves (2) shirts and a ton of jewelry. I am hurting just thinking about it but boy am I looking forward to the opportunity of wearing these original pieces in the DC/MD/NY area.

There are so many other things I can tell you about the trip but here are some notable mentions from the trip:

-California men look waaaaay better than NY men (sorry boys) but they are very scarce. I only saw black men in the hotel and in Hollywood.

-California has a very serious no jay walking law which made shopping quite difficult when your trying to go into different stores, yet you always have to cross at the corner.

-California traffic is by far 2x worse then traffic in the city (NY).

-California has the best gays!! they were delightfully friendly and boy do they know how to compliment a gal and make her smile! I've never been called FIERCE that many times in one day.

-The Toyata Prius sucks!!

So there you have it folks, that was our trip to LA. If you haven't been you should definitely go at least once.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Can See You Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Last week I decided it was time for my annual eye appointment. As I waited for the results from my eye exam I debated whether I preferred glasses or contacts. Call me clairvoyant but I knew before the doctor gave me the results that my vision was less than perfect. The first 3 slides was a blur of fog which I could not make out. It wasn't until we got to the 3rd chart that things began to look clear. When my exam concluded the doc kindly informed me that my current vision would not even allow me to pass the drivers test. That's when I started my debate on glasses vs. contacts. Glasses are ok, they give me that sexy secretary look however, contacts would camouflage better.

The doc shared the results of my test and I now know that I am nearside with a slight astigmatism. With that said, it was recommended that I get glasses for driving purposes only.

It took me almost an hour to find a pair of frames, but I finally decided on a pair of cute Coach frames. Judging from the picture above, you can see I have that intelligent but still sexy look going on, wouldn't you agree?