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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beyonce 2009 Concert

Up until now I thought the Jay Z and Mary J. Blige concert that I attended in Miami would be my last concert; however, now that my girl "B" is hitting the stage yet again, I am determined to see her in action. Beyonce's 2009 tour is bound to be a hit. Regardless of her ditsy interviews and her lacking acting skills, when B is in her true element she is unstoppable. Even if you are not a Beyonce fan, to see her in concert will be history, as years from now she will be seen as the Tina Turner of our time. With that said, I plan to attend her 2009 concert. The tickets range from $85.00 - $1300. Call me bias but I believe the concert in New York will be one her better concerts but, she will be making her way to DC as well. A few of the concert dates are listed below:

Sunday, June 21, 2009 - Madison Square Garden New York, NY
Monday, June 22, 2009 - Madison Square Garden New York, NY
Monday, June 24, 2009 - Verizon Center Washington, DC

I would love to hear your thoughts on which concert you think will be the best. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think as I begin my search for an affordable ticket.

Weekend Review

I know I am late in letting you guys in on my weekend but lets face it I have been swamped. Friday night was our monthly book club meeting where we discussed a great book by Pearl Cleage, "What Looks Like Crazy on An Ordinary Day." It's always refreshing to meet up with the girls for intelligent discussion and girl talk. Saturday morning, I drove up to New York and I swear my new EZ Pass shaved 20 minutes off of the drive. I drove to NY with the windows down, music blasting and a smile on my face from ear to ear. Just being back in Brooklyn with the beautiful weather brought back tons of memories. As you already know I ran the race on Sunday, and afterwards my family and I went to Grand Central Station for lunch and cheesecake from the infamous Junior's. We then went back home did my laundry, ate a home cooked meal and I enjoyed the remainder of my time with my family. Before I knew it, it was time for me to head back to MD. Summer in NY City is unforgettable. Who knows maybe one day I'll be able to enjoy it for more than just a weekend.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

5K Recap

The race was amazing. I wish I could have brought you all with me to see it. The event was a little unorganized and I almost thought I was going to miss the race but in the end, like my mother always says, it all worked out.

As I walked toward the race I felt exhilarated by the crowd, the atmosphere and the 85 degree weather we was blessed with. It really was an amazing feeling and even though I was nervous as everything it was at that moment I was really proud I was about to accomplish what I set out to do. The race started late, but when it started it started. Thousands of people hurled into the Lincoln Tunnel, some old, some young, some black, some white, some small some tall, but as different as we all were, we all shared the same goal that day, which was to make it to the end.

The race was challenging but I'm here to let you know I made it. My legs were hurting like they never hurt before and it was a little harder to focus, but I managed. It took me about 40 minutes to complete the race and my mother and brother stood by the finish line chanting and clapping for me. I was exhausted but again, the feeling was AMAZING.

As you can see from the picture I found the perfect outfit. Who would have thought a skort would hold up so well. Nonetheless, after the race there was activities, food, prizes and more. People from everywhere joined together to enjoy the race and the beautiful weather.

On my way home people on the street congratulated me and asked several questions about the race and it really made me feel good. My mother and brother was an excellent support system and I am so glad they came and cheered me on. This may have been my first race but it will definitely not be my last race. I will keep you posted on my next physical activity.

In case your wondering, I'll be back at the gym on Thursday!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Can't Help But Wait

Sunday is right around the corner guys!. I have been debating over and over about what to wear for the race. I know they have predicted the weather in NY to be very nice so my outfit will be weather appropriate. I wish I could say my outfit was my biggest concern but that is not the case.

I am sure you are all wondering how my training is going...well its going. The good news is I have consistently ran 3.0 miles for about 2 1/2 weeks now. The bad news is I still feel like I'm going to die halfway through my run. I use to be good up until 2.0 miles now my legs feel it at 1.5 miles. Nonetheless, I keep running despite my pain. I have found that Beyonce's "Get Me Bodied"and Jay Z's "Takeover" are by far my 2 best running songs. I get a real adrenaline rush when I hear these songs and pain becomes oblivious.

I am very excited about the race however, apart of me wonders.... "what happens after this?" Do I take a note from Diddy and start training for a marathon or do I just be content with achieving and completing my goal to run a 5K?...What will be my inspiration on the treadmill now?....Maybe it will be how great my clothes now fit or how much more confident I feel. Maybe it will be how I now feel like I am only 500 sit ups away from a Jessica Alba stomach (ok maybe 1000) or the fact that I'm in better shape now at 31 then I was at 24. I say all this not to brag but to give you the truthful reasons why exercising is so great.

We all read about it and know its a good thing to do, but I am a strong believer that people need to identify their own personal reasons and needs before they can truly commit to an activity or hobby. So here's mine... even after the race I will continue to run and improve my overall workouts. There won't be a immediate race to motivate me but the small evidence of obliques that now show on my stomach and the hint of Angela Bassett arms that are steadily building strength and definition, will be my new found motivation. Knowing that I will look good, feel great and even be able to toss back an Oreo or 3 without seeing it will motivate me to maintain a healthy and balanced exercise routine.

With only 4 days left I will press on. Please say for a prayer for me and think of me on Sunday at 9:15 a.m. as I run from New York to New Jersey, through the Lincoln Tunnel.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Thought the Weekend Was Suppose to Be Fun!!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I figured I'd give you a recap of my recent trip. Well unfortunately my trip to ATL was a bust. Don't get me wrong the Peach Tree city was beautiful. The weather was in the low 70's and the sun could not stop shining but unfortunately, nice weather and a beautiful city was not enough for this particular trip. I came back one day early.

Nonetheless, before I cut my trip short I managed to make it to 2 amazingly cozy restaurants. When I arrived we went to Marlow's Tavern. We got there pretty late and the food wasn't that great but I must admit the atmosphere was phenomenal. We sat outside on the upper level deck. The lighting was amazing and the ambiance made it a real nice place for drinks. There was a little chill in the air due to the time we arrived however, believe it or not the place was as toasty as could be. Heat ventilators hung from the ceiling and it gave the feel of a real fire place. Although the food was lacking and the server had ADD I would definitely go back again either on a date or night out with the girls.

The second restaurant we went to was a nice little Thai food restaurant located by one of the malls. Of course, the name has escaped my mind but the food was great. I ordered garlic shrimp and it was seasoned to perfection with a hint of spice. When it comes to restaurants I am all about atmosphere. This place had cozy tables and although there wasn't much scenery going on it had a real great feel to it. I definitely would go back as soon as I remember the name of it.

Since my weekend pretty much sucked all the way around from work that Friday to my return on Sunday, my flight back was not exempt from the drama. After getting dropped off at that airport at 8:15 for my 8:45 flight, I found myself running through the airport like a maniac in manner that you would only see on TV. The chic suitcase I brought was great for traveling however, a 3 year old child was able to knock it over in the middle of my airport run. It took about 65 seconds to get myself and my suitcase back on track but once I did I was off.

Making final call I arrived at my gate and was the last one allowed on the plane. By time I made it on the plane all the spaces in the overhead compartments was gone. I was forced to try to squeeze my new $500.00 "looking" suitcase under my seat. My luck would have it that it didn't fit. My luck also seem to give the couple next to me the gall to ask me if I was going to leave my suitcase like it was. The suitcase was under my legs definitely in no harms way for my neighbor but here she was, whining in my ear how it's illegal for me to put my back under my legs. I looked at this woman in disbelief and advised her that unless I'm told by one of the stewardess my bag would remain where it was. Clinched at the mouth she sat back and decided to leave me the hell alone.

I guess you could say her vengeance was hers because as we prepared to land one of the stewardess noticed my bag and advised me that it couldn't stay like that. My obnoxious neighbor and her husband then proceeded to say "We told her to move it but she refused." I guess they hoped that my disbedience would have me thrown off the plane but the stewardess ignored their comment, and rightfully so. After the weekend I had that woman is lucky I didn't smack her. Instead I just looked at her and laughed wondering if this lady really wanted me to personally show her crazy. I closed my eyes and for the 3rd time that weekend, and asked the Lord to PLEASE let me hurry up and make it back home.

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Spokeswoman for VitaminWater 10

When vitaminwater came out with their new 10 calorie beverage no one could have been happier than me. One bottle of vitaminwater will now cost you only 25 calories compared to its predecessor that would have caused you 125 calories. The 10 calorie beverage is naturally sweetened and contains essential vitamins geared to help you get through the day. My personal favorite is the Acai-blueberry-pomergranate.

If I sound like a spokeswoman for vitaminwater 10 its because I have longed to find a drink that is low in calories and sugar. To cut down on my sugar intake I removed juice from my diet, so up until this point I would only drink water and an occasional Pepsi which is not negotiable. When you think about it, the average bottle of juice contains about 150 to 240 calories per serving. For the same amount of calories I could have eaten (2) Chocolate Chip, Chips Ahoy cookies. So you do the math.

Glaceur really hit it on the head with this one folks!

Try vitaminwater 10 its sweet, it delicious and it's only 10 calories.

12 Days to D-Day

So here we are just 12 days away. I am so nervous I can't believe it. I have been sticking to my training routine by running 3 miles 4 times a week has not been easy. I make it only because I know the race is quickly approaching. The last .25 miles is the most trying. It is during that time that my brain sends an urgent message to my body telling my legs and heart they they are both tripping. Yet I prevail, and when I finally reach 2.90 I become unstoppable. The song blasting on my ipod automatically becomes my new hype song no matter who the artist is. My fists gets to pumping and the look of determination fills my eyes. If your working out next to me you can't help but to look over at me because once the odometer reaches 3.00 I shriek with joy.....and then immediately collapse over the rail in an attempt to hold on and get my last breath back. I walk calmly for about .10 miles and when I am finally done, although I am saturated in sweat and have lost every curl in my hair, I step off that treadmill and you can't tell me NOTHING!!!! Now if I can only do that the day of the race. Wish me luck!!!!

Madame Tussauds

Each month I try to find a educational but fun outing for my mentee. This month I decided to take her to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Washington, DC. "Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is an exciting new attraction bringing historical figures and events to life through wax figures that visitors can touch, see and hear." For $21.50 you get to take a tour of this amazing museum and see life size figures of some of the most famous people in history.

My little sis loved every moment in the museum. A history lover at heart she was drawn to figures such as Marie Antoinette, J. Edgar Hoover, Duke Ellington and Abraham Lincoln. My amazement was more geared towards President Barak Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, the Kennedy's, Denzel Washington and Will Smith.

I encourage everyone to take a trip to Madame Tussauds wax museum. It was a really great outing and it was amazing to see and learn about how these life like figures are created. The process takes about 3 months for each statue and body measurements, pigment details, make up and facial feature are matched to the actual celebrity to a tee. Oprah, Beyonce, The Kennedy's, Madonna, George Bush, and Larry King are just a few of the many figures housed in the museum. As you can see photos are allowed.

So take a trip out to DC and go see it for yourself!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Perfect Balance

The week has came and gone so fast I can barely believe its the weekend. It was a rough week but I know I am blessed because it could have been worse. I am realizing just how important it is to have that perfect balance between your professional life and your personal like. The 2 go hand and hand like ying and yang and without that perfect balance life can seem very chaotic.

There are times I get so preoccupied with work and exhaust myself in my own career ambitions that I have very little energy left to dedicate to my personal life. The time in which I am not working, I focus on my future and think of all the ways in which I better get on the move ASAP so I can accomplish all that I desire. Needless to say, that is the perfect way to become "burned out". It is important to have goals and to plan for the future, but it is imperative to live and appreciate today.

Going forward I will try to achieve that balance and make sure I spend enough time enjoying this thing called life. We only get 1 chance so with that said I booked a flight and in 2 weeks I'm off to ATL!!! Did you think I was playing??? What I say is what I mean folks, and if it wasn't for the procrastination of my beloved sister I would have booked my flight to LA too.

I am looking forward to both trips and ironically after a weekend of rest and relaxation I even looking forward to work on Monday!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

21 Days!!!

Ok, so my race is officially 21 days away!!! I am scared out of my mind but I am ready to do it. When I initially decided to start running late last summer I immediately said I wanted to run a 5K and now that day is right around the corner. Running this race will be a great achievement for me even if it takes me 2 hours to do it, I will make my way out of the Lincoln Tunnel.

My game plan for the next 21 days is to run 3 miles 4 times a week. I will also start running without music since I don't think I will have my ipod during the race. The amazing thing about running is that it is a mental exercise more than it is a physical exercise. If you can convince yourself that your not tired and your legs don't hurt you will make it.

To date, I have raised $155.00 in donations for the race, thanks to all of you who have supported me. There is still time to make a donation if you have not done so already, the link is listed below.

I better get running!!