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Thursday, March 22, 2012

High End Vending

Whenever I travel, I always make time to check out the airport and see what interesting stores they have. My travel buddies usually find my airport obsession annoying but for me, its exciting and I ALWAYS find something interesting.

My most recent discovery though was not your usual airport store, it was a high end vending machine. We are all familiar with the Best Buy machines that sell Apple products. Well the Best Buy vending machines have nothing on the Get Set to Jet Set machine. This vending machine carries high end on the go items like Juicy Couture bracelets, Iphones, LAMB clutches, Beats by Dre headphones, Kheils products, digital cameras, designer sunglasses and scarves to name a few. I was so excited by my options I wanted to buy everything. The machine is designed to be convenient for last minute gift ideas, as well as high end travel necessities like electric tooth brushes, underwear and Bliss spa toiletries.

For travelers who are idle and looking for something to do in between flights the Get Set To Jet Set is a perfect way to pass time. I fell in love with the cutest little gadgets. My first choice was the Lady Gaga, Beats by Dre headphones. I was tempted to get the head phones but they was priced at $190.00 so I declined. My second choice was the Beaniebot Power Speaker which is a little robot speaker system which allows you to listen to any MP3 Player or mobile phone without headphones. The robot comes with (2) little beanie hats that you can switch up and it has about 2000 milliwatts of audio.

Overall I was pretty impressed with my $25.00 purchase. The sound quality is great, its compatible with all devices that have a headphone input, and it is really just a cute and much need accessory to my assortment to gadgets.

If you ever find yourself wandering around the airport trying to pass time, look out for the Get Set to Jet Set machine, I am sure you will be as impressed as I was.

What are some of your favorite airport purchases?


  1. Apparently, I don't spend enough time in an airport. I had no clue. Most of the airports I have traveled through have shopping areas so that is how I spend down time.

  2. It is amazing how convenient life is becoming. Years ago you had to go to a special stores for special items but in today's fast pace society you can almost purchase anything anywhere. My fascination in airports are news stands and how some of them pack their little booth with all kinds of convenient items from books, magazines and newspapers to toilettes and any type of snack you can think of. Thanks for the airport vending machine tip will definitely look for one the next time I travel. Your blogs are delightful and informative so keep them coming. Moe*


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