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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

L♥ve & Hip Hop Recap

If you did not watch Love and Hip Hop last night you missed it. It was 1 full hour of laughter, drama, "ghettoness", fashion and of course cat fighting. I typically cringe at reality shows but there is something about Love and Hip Hop that keeps me tuned in. Maybe it's Jim Jones, maybe it's his crazy crackhead mom, or maybe it's Chrissy holding her breath waiting for that proposal, but be as it may be I was fully tuned in last night!

The first episode of the season was on fire. It's a toss up between what was better Chrissy stomping Kimbella in the face or Jim Jones mom rapping saying "Respect me I'm his MOMMYYYY". VH1 aired the repeat of season 2 about 10 times and I watched all 10 of them. Here are a few highlights if you missed it:

Chrissy (aka Jim Jones extended girlfriend) Chrissy is a boss! She is the chic you want to have with you if anything ever goes down because she will have your back and give someone a serious beat down. I am indifferent about her fighting Emily's battles, but you have to admit Chrissy is one tough girl! Not only did she sucker punch Kimbella in the jaw as if her name was Chrissy Mayweather, she then proceeded to stomp on the girl like she was trying to kill a room full of roaches. The unfortunate downside to Chrissy is that she has been with Jimmy for 7 years and the proposal of marriage that she made to him last made to him last season was a bad move for numerous reasons. It is clear that Jim loves Chriss. Why he will not marry her we will never know....or will we?

Ms. Jones (aka HOT MESS) I am sad to report Ms. Jones is the worst. She is hood, she is ghetto, she is uncontrollable, overprotective, but more than anything she treats Jim Jones like he is a mommas boy. Given Jim's "thugged out" demeanor it is very difficult to see him as a mommas boy. Nonetheless, by some unexplainable miracle Ms. Jones, was able to convince someone to actually allow her into to the studio to record a song dissing her sons girlfriend of 7 years. Will Ms. Jones get a record deal?

Emily (aka Fabulous baby momma we all feel sorry for) Despite how weak Emily comes off I like her. It is unfortunate how Fab has treated her but I believe she can pick up the pieces and move forward. Emily showed great poise and class in spite of Kimbella's announcement that they dated the same guy; however, maybe if she had a response for Kimbella's inappropriate comment Chrissy would not have had to stop that poor girls (Kimbella) face. Will Emily ever get over Fabolous

The rest of the characters were mediocre and did not yield much of a response,but again to cram all that action in 1 hour for the first episode of the season, VH1 did one hell of a job. Love and Hip Hop comes on every Monday at 9pm on VH1 and it looks like we are in for a real treat!
What was your favorite part of the show???