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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

L♥ve & Hip Hop Recap

If you did not watch Love and Hip Hop last night you missed it. It was 1 full hour of laughter, drama, "ghettoness", fashion and of course cat fighting. I typically cringe at reality shows but there is something about Love and Hip Hop that keeps me tuned in. Maybe it's Jim Jones, maybe it's his crazy crackhead mom, or maybe it's Chrissy holding her breath waiting for that proposal, but be as it may be I was fully tuned in last night!

The first episode of the season was on fire. It's a toss up between what was better Chrissy stomping Kimbella in the face or Jim Jones mom rapping saying "Respect me I'm his MOMMYYYY". VH1 aired the repeat of season 2 about 10 times and I watched all 10 of them. Here are a few highlights if you missed it:

Chrissy (aka Jim Jones extended girlfriend) Chrissy is a boss! She is the chic you want to have with you if anything ever goes down because she will have your back and give someone a serious beat down. I am indifferent about her fighting Emily's battles, but you have to admit Chrissy is one tough girl! Not only did she sucker punch Kimbella in the jaw as if her name was Chrissy Mayweather, she then proceeded to stomp on the girl like she was trying to kill a room full of roaches. The unfortunate downside to Chrissy is that she has been with Jimmy for 7 years and the proposal of marriage that she made to him last made to him last season was a bad move for numerous reasons. It is clear that Jim loves Chriss. Why he will not marry her we will never know....or will we?

Ms. Jones (aka HOT MESS) I am sad to report Ms. Jones is the worst. She is hood, she is ghetto, she is uncontrollable, overprotective, but more than anything she treats Jim Jones like he is a mommas boy. Given Jim's "thugged out" demeanor it is very difficult to see him as a mommas boy. Nonetheless, by some unexplainable miracle Ms. Jones, was able to convince someone to actually allow her into to the studio to record a song dissing her sons girlfriend of 7 years. Will Ms. Jones get a record deal?

Emily (aka Fabulous baby momma we all feel sorry for) Despite how weak Emily comes off I like her. It is unfortunate how Fab has treated her but I believe she can pick up the pieces and move forward. Emily showed great poise and class in spite of Kimbella's announcement that they dated the same guy; however, maybe if she had a response for Kimbella's inappropriate comment Chrissy would not have had to stop that poor girls (Kimbella) face. Will Emily ever get over Fabolous

The rest of the characters were mediocre and did not yield much of a response,but again to cram all that action in 1 hour for the first episode of the season, VH1 did one hell of a job. Love and Hip Hop comes on every Monday at 9pm on VH1 and it looks like we are in for a real treat!
What was your favorite part of the show???

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Winning by Twinning!!!

For those who know me, it will make total sense why I covered this article. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have finally released pictures of their double bundle of joy. The Cannon twins are absolutely adorable and the fact that there are two of them just tugs at your heart. After 5 months in hiding, Monroe and Moroccan Cannon made their first debut on 20/20 with Barbara Walters. Mariah (42) and Nick (31) seemed overjoyed with their new family additions. During the interview, Carey discussed her pregnancy and the joys of becoming a mom. Surprisingly, Carey confessed that she does not want any more kids but when you have twins what more can you ask for?

Children are one of life's greatest gifts and the ability to have two at one time is just miraculous to me. While most people think of the double work load like changing TWO pampers, hearing TWO crying babies, putting TWO babies to sleep, providing for TWO babies at one time, I see it more as a double blessing. Twins typically have a close knit relationship whether they are fraternal or identical. From child birth way into their adult life most twins become best friends by default. I have a deep appreciation for close knit siblings and I would love to have twins of my own.

While twins are rare there are quite a few celebrity twins out there so stay tuned for that story. Congratulations again to the proud parents!!!. How would YOU feel if you found out you was having twins :-)???

Monday, October 24, 2011

Morning Moments

Monday through Friday on a daily basis I find myself totally intrigued by the quirky things that seem to happen only to me. My mornings consist of me running from room to room in a frenzy tyring to get myself together while still making it to work on time. Plagued as a magnet for embarrassing and annoying moments take a look at some of my fondest morning mishap moments:

1. That just want to scream moment when I am ready to walk out the door and I take that last look in the mirror and realize I have panty lines.

2. That mortifying moment when I take my first bathroom back and while washing my hands I realize I and everyone else in the office can tell I have on a PINK bra.

3. That ackward moment when I sit in my office and realize my shirt black and bottom black different blacks.

4. That annoying moment when I have 1 piece of hair that has a mind of its own and no matter how much product I put on it, it distractingly does its own thing throughout the day.

5. That humbling moment when I get to work and am thankful for my emergency stash of deodorant in my desk because I totally forgot to put some on.

6. That embarrassing moment when I am walking down the street and realize my skirt/dress is totally see through.

7. That aggravating moment when after putting on my make up, I change my mind about my outfit just to realize my eye shadow/lip stick now does not match.

8. That silent moment when I go to lunch or run an errand and walk past a mirror catching a glimpse of myself and realize the outfit that I thought was sooooo hot is really not that flattering after all.

9. That priceless moment when I am in my morning meeting talking and I realize I have come undone as I forgot to pull the zipper on my dress all the way up in the back.

10. That anal retentive moment when I am in a meeting with a client and I realize my perfect manicure has a chip and I want to hide that one finger because I now cannot stop staring at it.

11. That precious moment when my irritating coworker tells me she likes my "new shirt" and its not until hours later I realize the heifer knew it was new because I left the price tag on it.

12. That frustrating moment when I finally switch my purse just to realize as I walk out the door my newly packed purse does not match my shoes, so I now have to change it back.

I am sure it is hard to believe that (1) I ever get to work on time and that (2) I actually am able to still look fabulous despite the odds but by some sheer miracle it happens. Maybe waking up a half hour earlier would curb all these mishaps but a gal needs her beauty sleep. What are some of your morning mishaps?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Woman Worry- The Ten Thousand Dollar Phone Call

Woman worry. Whether we are mothers, girlfriends, wives or even just friends we have been burdened with the emotion of worry when it comes to the men we love. In this past week alone how often have you found yourself worrying about your mate, spouse or love interest? Sometimes to resolve this worry all we need is a simple call from our mate reassuring us that they are okay. Some men get this concept and humbly comply,while others struggle with this and are still a work in progress. The question today is what happens when the ones who "get it" are punished? In case your confused let me provide you with an example.....

Last Sunday Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Polamalu, was fined a whooping $10,000 for calling his wife to let her know he was okay. Polamalu made a crucial tackle during Sunday's Steelers vs Jagaurs game and left the game with what was said to be concussion like symptoms. Polamula, who has previously suffered from multiple brain injuries gave everyone a scare during the tackle. Knowing his wife was probably worried sick about him, Polamula attempted to be one of the ones who "get it" so he took to the sidelines and called his wife to tell her he was okay.

We love our men but sometimes we just have to shake our heads at them. NFL rules states that players are not allowed to have electronics or cell phones on the bench premises throughout the game and 90 minutes prior to the start of the game. According to the NFL, Polamalu, violated the rules by calling his wife midway through the game. The saying "damned if they do,damned if they don't" immediately comes to mind.

Polamalu's kind gestures which was probably trying to keep him out of trouble with the Misses will now cause him $10,000. Obviously the unsaid message is that it would have been cheaper to let the wife worry. I applaud Polamula's gesture as it was sincere and done with the right attitude, but it may have helped to finish the game first and then call. Sometimes you just have to shake your head and smile at men.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quiet Time

When I was a little girl every Saturday night I would watch my Mom polish her nails in preparation for church the next day. When I was of appropriate age my mom allowed me to join her Saturday night ritual, and I to neatly polished and then blew my little figernails dry.

Fast forward a few years later and I still find myself partaking in that very same ritual. My preferred nights have moved to Sunday night in preparation for the week ahead of me. Every Sunday night no matter how late it is or how tired I am, I always find myself sitting on the couch polishing my nails. It could be as simple as putting clear polish on, but it is honestly one of the most mind clearing peaceful moments of my day. When your nails are wet there is nothing you can do but sit still and let them dry. Ironically in the 15 minutes I am drying my nails I am finding solace as well.

It is amazing how some of the silliest things can give us peace. If I had to compose a list of things I do that mentally relax me i would have to say, my nails, organizing my closet and cooking.I cannot wait to pass this same ritual down to my little girl. What are some of the rituals you did with your mom and what are some simple tasks which bring you peace?

Angela S. Naked for PETA

I am a little late with this but I felt compelled to blog about this.

Run's House has always portrayed the Simmons family in a very virtuous "religiously correct" light. No cursing, no real drama, no scandal, just a wholesome nuclear family who has always stayed within the realms some form of innocence. It came to great surprise to me when I saw Angela Simmons pose nude for PETA. The photos were tastefully done with class and grace yet I could not shake the feeling of shock that I had in seeing them. If you follow the Simmons girls they are never cladly dressed, if photoed in a bikini there is usually a matching sarong. The obvious consistent theme has always been trendy yet classy.

It is this same theme that has made Angela Simmon's posing nude for PETA a bit ironic to me. While Angela undeniably looks simply gorgeous in all the photos I have never understood the logic behind celebrities posing nude for PETA. During the shoot Angela was quoted saying "I really want people to know what happens to animals … Animals have feelings, and I think it's important we take action."

Celebrities have been posing nude for PETA for quite some time, Eva Menedez, Taraji Henderson, Holly Madison, Ochocinco, Nia Long, and Chloe Kardashian Odom, Paris Hilton to name a few. In comparison Angela Simmons photos has a different air of class however I am still shocked to see it.

At the end of the day we all make our own decisions about the statements we choose and choose not to make. What are your thoughts?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Red Bottoms

The other day while I was lounging around on twitter a particular tweet caught my eye. It read "Getting ready for the Black Tie & Red Bottom event tonight." I found myself intrigued until moments later when it hit me. I was immediately faced with the fact that if I was ever invited to such an event I would be out of luck since I do not own a pair of Red Bottoms yet. Louboutin's also known as "Red Bottoms" is today's most sought after shoe. "Christian Louboutin's trademark glossy red soles are an undisputed stamp of fashion excellence." Celebrities love to rock them, rappers love to rhyme about them, and woman love how sexy those red soles look with anything. With that said, I find it time to invest in my first pair of Red Bottoms! This will NOT be an impulsive purchase but one that consists of planning, bargain searching and making sure I get the cutest pair I can possibly find. Thus far here are a few that caught my eye. What do you think? The 4th one is totally amazing.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Holy Kohl's It's Vera Wang!

I have never been a huge fan of Kohl's. It was never personal but I always equated it to a Sears or JC Penny. Imagine my surprised when I went there to look for a crock pot and walked out with these! These Vera Wang beauties was a steal and they do exactly what I like my shoes to do.....they command attention. I paired these leopard peep toes with black skinny pants and a natural top and it looked fabulous. The compliments poured in and as I listened to people rant about how pricey they probably was I smirked to myself at the irony that I had actually purchased them from Kohl's.

At about 3.5 inches, my new leopard Vera's are incredibly comfortable. While I have only worn them once I already know they will look great with jeans, shorts, skirts, leggings and dresses. As I walked around the store I suprisingly found quite a few items that caught my eye. I left with only the purchase of the shoes but that was due to extreme discipline. I am totally pleased with my new Kohl's purchase and the JC Penny/Sears theory has vanished.

Some of the the new collections recently launched at Kohl's are: Jennifer Lopez, Vera Wang, Lauren Conrad and Daisy Fuentes to name a few. If you are like me and have never stepped into a Kohl's before, go ahead and check it out you will be surprised at what your find.

What have you got from Kohl's lately?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Schweddy Balls Anyone???

I saw this and I could not help but laugh. Ben & Jerry's has released a new flavor of ice cream named after a Saturday Night Live skit called Schweddy Ball's. The provocative name is a tribute to the 1998 skit in which Alec Baldwin plays a baker who is trying to promote his rum balls, cheese balls and popcorn balls as "Schweddy Balls." I personally find the name hilarious and I really found myself chuckling when I first read the flavor. Advertising and marketing companies are always looking to step outside the box and come up with unique ideas, I think the A&M team at Ben & Jerry's nailed this one.

The new flavor is a mixture of rum flavored ice cream with fudge covered rum balls and chocolate malt balls. Not only does this sound absolutely delish the name of the flavor yields a automatic childlike grin from anyone just saying it.

Schweddy Balls is not the first provocative flavor from Ben & Jerry's. Schweddy Balls will join the group with similar enticing flavors such as Karamel Sutra, Magic Brownies and at one point there was even Hubby Hubby. As if eating ice cream is not fun enough, Ben & Jerry's has found a way to make it just a little more exciting.

What is your favorite provocative Ben & Jerry's ice cream?

Monday, September 5, 2011

I Knew I Liked Him When.....

There is always that moment when you date someone and you find yourself doing something ridiculous that undoubtly tells you that you must really like this person. For me this moment occured after a night of innocent fun. While the state was declared with a category 3 hurricane here I was nestled away with my cutie playing board games, drinking wine and watching movies. Just in case for once the new casters was not exaggerating and were right in their predictions neither one of us wanted to get stranded alone. Though we would not admit to it and we both played it cool, we used that night as the perfect night to conveinently hang out. It is something to be said when you can hang out with a man and have good clean fun without any funny business going on.

As the night progressed the weather progressed as well. We experienced severe winds and heavy rains and at one point the electric even went out. My hottie crashed on my couch so he wouldnt get blown away and although I played it as cool as a cucumber I was more that happy to let him stay. When I awoke up I came out and peaked on him and I realized he was still sleeping. I tiptoed to the bathroom, freshened up and and then did something I will never forget. I curled my hair! Here it was 8:00 on a Saturday morning and I was secretly curling my hair so my hottie would think I just woke up looking this great. As I yawned it hit me...I must really like this guy if I am here curling my hair at 8 am.

It's funny the things woman will do when we have a new crush.

What are some of your funny eye opening moments when you first realized you like someone?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Is Kim K an Attention Whore??

Over the past few years America has become infatuated with Kim Kardashian. She is a beautiful girl, has an amazing fashion sense and from the goodie too shoe she appears to be on Keeping Up With The Kardashians we almost have to remind ourselves that this is the same girl who made a sex tape with Ray J Brandy's brother.

In a recent conversation with a friend she referred to Kim K. as an "attention whore". I was a little shocked by that particular label however I was couldn't necessarily disagree. From the love affair with Reggie Bush to the break up with Reggie Bush, the Playboy pose, the butt x-rays, the 3 month post Reggie Bush boyfriend, the 6 month relationship to Kris Humphries followed by an fairytale engagement which followed a 20 million dollar wedding to now the honeymoon which now has lead to speculation of a baby, one must wonder does Kim K. know the meaning of private or is she an attention whore?

Never giving much thought before to the awful title "attention whore" I recently read Kim K. was tweeting from her honeymoon in Italy and that there were even pictures of her and Kris on their honeymoon. It appears that some of life's most intimate moments Kim K. has willingly exploited them herself and in exchange she has made millions in doing so. This same self exploitation has allowed her to make a brand for herself earning a net worth of at least 35 million dollars.

In the end one must wonder is it worth it?

Do you think Kim K. is an attention whore and if it made you millions would you do the same?

Friday, September 2, 2011

One More Reason Why We Love B!

Is it me or is the thought a baby between Beyonce and Jayz exciting. The world's favorite celebrity couple is now expecting and Beyonce could not have shared the news in a more astonishing way. 4 days ago at the VMA's after performing Love On Top Beyonce slyly revealed her baby bump as a thrillful Jay-Z jumped up and down. A definite publicity stunt but for a couple who has always been so private about their relationship we loved it. The baby is expected in January. Congrats to the happy couple!!!

What do you think of how the couple revealed the news?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Who Could Replace 0ur Stacy

Rumor has it that Stacy Dash has been ousted from VH1's new nighttime soap opera Single Ladies. Dash who plays alongside Lisa Raye McCoy, plays the classy down to earth Val, who appears to be everyone's favorite. Week after week Dash exudes true fashion from heading to toe, wearing some our favorite labels such as Christian Louboutin, Hermes and Gucci to name a few. While it has not yet been confirmed if this horrendous rumor is true the show is in for a rude awakening if they think they can just write Dash's character off. Several fans have complained about the rumors and strongly expressed there loyalty to Dash being apart of the show. I personally am not interested in watching any show in which Lisa Raye has the staring role. Perhaps, if they can find a suitable fit to Dash then there might be hope yet. But who could fill such shoes? What actress is geogeous, has an unique yet trendy sense of style and can bring an element of class to to the show? I do not believe anyone can ever replace Stacy Dash however, here are a few actresses that might stand a chance:

Who do you think can be the next Val?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's Your Look?

There is something about buying a really nice outfit and knowing you did not have to break your bank account to afford it. It is for this reason that H&M is one of my favorite stores. It is nothing for me to go in there on a feeling blue Saturday and find a ton of things to pick myself right on up. Mix affordable + trendy and you get H&M. If you are in New York, DC, Atlanta or ummm North Carolina odds are if you are rocking H&M you are a fashionista. When shopping, I look for classic items that are affordable but can make a unforgettable statement. So whether you are looking for something to wear to work, the club, the gym, a picnic or just a cute Sex in The City outfit, H&M will have exactly what you are looking for. Here are some looks from the new collection that I absolutely love and would wear myself.

Which is your favorite?