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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love or Lust- What You See Is Not Always What You Get

Have you every brought an expensive item that you just had to have? Whether it was a car, shoes, a purse or even a electronic gadget have you ever lusted for something just to get it and realize its not what you thought. The features that initially sold you are now really unimportant and whatever started your fascination with the purchase has now worn off. Compare that with something else you brought yet years later you still truly love it. This item is still worth every penny and instead of looking for your receipt to do a return you would do it all over again. This is the difference between lust and love.

Lust wears off and the moment the true flaws are revealed you want to run like hell and return it. You begin to question yourself and wonder why you did not read the fine print. Why you didn't see the red flags like the zipper that gave you a little bit of a struggle, or small dent that you convinced yourself was only visible to you. These are the flaws that you overlooked in the midst of your lust. You thought you could live with them but now you realize this small flaw that you once over looked has now evolved to a really big issue.

Love on the otherhand withstands the true test of time. Despite the flaws you learn to overcome the fact that your $800 Louboutins scuff every time you wear them because they make you feel unstoppable and overall you are so happy with them it doesn't matter. You can overlook the fact that the salesman told you your seats have automatic heating when they really don't because the car has every other feature known to man you can live without one. This feeling of contentment comes from knowing you did the necessary research first and that your purchase was not an impromptu purchase but a well thought out decision.

In our everyday lives lust is everywhere. Lust manipulates your mind and forces you to go against your better judgment, causing you to get caught up in the bells and whistles. This is the difference between love and lust. Love withstands and lust fades away. Things are not always what they seem so whether it is an elaborate purchaser, a person you desired or a object you have obsessed over, make sure you absolutely LOVE it cause lust will fool you.

What have you been lusting for?

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