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Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Last Words

On Thursday February 11, 2010, I lost a very special person, my Ninnie (grand mother). While it is not my intention to exploit her death, since I have recognized the death of celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Alexander McQueen how could I not say anything about my dear grandmother.

She was an amazing woman and I have the wonderful privilege of looking just like her. Not only was she the sweetest woman ever, she played an instrumental role in raising me, my siblings, my cousins and pretty much my entire family.

She always had a bottle of ice cold Pepsi in the fridge for us and she made fried chicken like no one else could ever hope to make. I remember going to her house on Fridays after school and we would sit and talk and watch Little House on The Prairie. She was the kind of grandmother who would crack you up with every story that she told and every now and again she would slip and use a odd form of profanity that just made you laugh hysterically.

Thanksgivings consisted of all our families coming together eating and having a grand ole time. Sing-a-longs around the piano and everyones' attempt to play the song from the movie BIG was a must. My grandmother would make the best pie and every family wanted to go home with one of there own pies and she always made enough.

Whether it was Thanksgiving or summertime or even after school, going to see my Ninne to just sit with her was always an amazing experience. I will never forget those moments and when I'm old and gray I pray to be as sweet and giving to my grand kids and family as she was to us.

Thank you for the many lessons in life you have taught me and the family moments that I have come to cherish so much. I love you always and will never forget you.

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