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Monday, August 31, 2009

Idle Thoughts

Below are a few random thoughts that crossed my mind today.

Why does a guy either like you too much or not enough can't there be a happy median.

Jay Z is the only dude who can make people actually look forward to 9/11.

I'm seriously considering becoming a massage therapist on the side...but my friends keep asking me if I can rub a nasty hairy ugly back for 1hr? My answer "...if the money is right hell yeah!"

I was reading someones else's blog and they used the EXACT same picture AND title as one of my blogs, which was posted months ago. That's just know who you are.

I saw the cutest shoes in NORDY'S today for $158.00....should I get them??

Why is BET only "considering" picking up CW's The Game? They can pick up College Hill but a good down to earth show like The Game, is under consideration. SNH

Is it me or is the initial set up of twitter non user friendly?

Thinking about throwing a get together what are some things that will make it a hit!!!

I wonder if wheat grass will really rid me of my gray hair. I am going to try it this week and let you know.

If your having a party, wedding, baby shower, or anything that would require an invitation, email me at and i can personally customize a invitation for you.

Every man should strive for a body like Idris Elba that man screams SEXY!!!!

Would i look best driving a Acura, Maxima or Expedition?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

In The Beginning

It is something about when you first meet a man and start to hit it off that you smile and think back to that feeling of excitement and hope, that you had when you was young and had a new crush. The phone calls, the dates and the text messages leaves you smiling and wondering what possibilities are in store. In some instances months down the line you realize there are no possibilities and its not going to work, other times you realize the possibilities are endless and you can’t wait to explore them. This time around I chose not to think of where it can go, but to enjoy the moment and remember to smile. Ladies we all know men are at their very best in the beginning , if you get nothing else at least enjoy and appreciate your happy beginning.

Seasons Change Your time is Up!

Usually right before New Year's I read over my old diary entries, scroll through my phone and delete the people who no longer need to be in my life. Truth be told, I hate this routine behavior I engage in but I know that people come in your life for a season and the seasons change. Although I am 4 months early it seems as though its time for the removal process to begin. The friends that have drained me emotionally, the people who have gotten on my last nerves, the ex-boyfriends that have been around for way too long and the new guys that have already shown disappointing signs.....well its time for them all to go.

Statistiscs shows that when people write things down, they are more inclined to follow through on what they say they will do. This blog is my way of ensuring that I do what I need to do.

The removal process this year is twice as hard. Maybe its harder because the time came around earlier than expected or maybe its harder because there are people that I really don't want to remove. What I do know is that emotions are feelings that can make you loose sight of the bigger picture, they are feelings that make people do things that logically don't make sense. Emotions are temporary reactions that can betray you and make a fool of you if you let them. With that said, my feelings are irrelavent to my decision. There are 3 people this blog applies to. If you initiate contact with me and you receive no response, know that you was one of the three. It's been fun (not really) but your time is up!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

FOOTBALL Season is finally here

After months of waiting football season is finally here. Whether you have a man who loves sports or your a single female, football is a game everyone can grow to love. I haven't always been a personal fan of the sport but once I opened my mind and gave it a chance I was hooked. Week after week guys in tight shorts and bulging biceps play an aggressive four quarter game, battling it out for the one game which makes the whole NFL season make sense.....the SUPERBOWL!

From controversial players like T.O, Michael Vick and Pacman Jones, to the adorably handsome Santana Moss, football brings forth an a unpredictable seasonal where veterans and rookies all come together in hopes of making it to the finals. So ladies do your research, pick a region, a team, a color, whatever floats your boat, but get in the game. If you are in a relationship or just dating host a football party you'll have a blast. Remember real divas can speak on every subject so why not start with America’s favorite sport, and I don’t mean soccer!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

OYA oh boya!!!

On Friday, my Line Sister and I decided to hit the streets and attend a happy hour. The initial plan was to stay in MD for a change and go some where local, so we decided to go to BMX. When we pulled in the driveway we both looked at each other like "are we really going in there?? yuck." Now I know that might sound bourgeois or stuck up but hey, when you frequent places like The Park, its kinda hard to go to a place where the men are wearing plaid shorts and jerseys.

Anywho, we decided not to kid ourselves and we headed straight to DC to go to LuX. Between the rain and the giggling, the jokes and the girl talk we somehow winded up at Posh instead. We walked in and requested a table and was asked if we had a reservation. Ok, ok so we didn't have a reservation big flipping deal is what I was is after all only Posh. Nonetheless, they had the audacity to tell us they would inform us in the next 45 minutes if we could be seated. Nothing else needed to be said, we left.

At my LS suggestion we decided to venture off and go to OYA. In the midst of the rain, bad directions and just mere frustration that it was 2 hours later from the time we met up and still hadn't eaten we were both pretty cranky. The funny thing about the whole night is that through it all, my ls and I laughed at EVERYTHING. Even the pedestrian that deliberately gave us the wrong directions.

We finally found OYA and after the long night we been through it was like seeing the promise land. OYA is a "contemporary Asia-French fusion restaurant and lounge in Penn Quarters." The atmosphere is euphoric and when you initially walk in the first thought is "dag, is this in the budget?" Surprisingly it was, and very much so. My LS had the Mac N Cheese with lobster, Bittersweet Molten Chocolate Cake and a Moulin Rouge. I had a Sea Bass spring roll which was quite filling, a Triple Ginger Carrot Cake Bar which made me want to lick the plate and a bubbly concoction called "Sex" which came in a tease size and a climax size. It's crazy but in 2009 you can actually go to a restaurant and have sex for only $6.00! Needless to say I was straight and everything was right in the world.I was thoroughly impressed with OYA, its a great place for a dinner party, first date or night out with the girls. The marble white walls, white leather couches and amazing fireplace makes the place feel surreal. Even decor in the restrooms make you want to linger in the mirrors and play and primp. The staff was was attractive, the service was impeccable and no we did not have a reservation. OYA is 10 times better than Posh and if you are ever in the DC area you should definitely check it out. OYA oh Boya!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Get Some Class....please!!

Ok, so I was driving to work yesterday morning, listening to 92Q and the advice chic (not sure of her name) came on and gave her insight on relationships. Addressing the fact that the dating scene is taking a dramatic turn for the worse, the advice chic believes the underlying cause for this shift is that woman are so scared of the 1:13 men to woman ratio, that they have started doing any and everything to keep or get a man. This action by woman has resulted in men being the choosers instead of the chasers.

The days of the man being in pursuit are far gone because woman have just made it too easy nowadays. Unfortunately, I have to agree with this point because I have noticed men are just too lazy to chase these days, because they have so many options and they simply don't HAVE to anymore. Now I am not one for silly games, but if a dude will not put forth a little effort to pull me, then in the long run he is probably not worth my time.

Nonetheless, after the radio chic shares her wisdom I start listening to the Rickey Smiley Morning Show and like clock work I was able to see just why men have gotten so out of control. So Drake, was the featured guess for the morning and he was talking to Ricky Smiley much about nothing. A few woman called in and this is how the first two calls went:

Desperate Chick #1: "Hi Drake, I'm trying to see you tonight."
Drake: Uh, you wanna see me? I'm in Dallas where are you.
Desperate Chick #1: "I'm in Atlanta, but imma have to do something cuz I need
to see you tonight."
Drake: Laugh uncomfortably like ok.

Desperate Chick #2: "Hi Drake, my name is Trina, remember me from last night?"
Drake: (Laughs) can you clarify what you mean by last night.
Desperate Chick# 2: "We chilled and had a good time. I'm the one that had on
the yellow dress with the thick thighs and wide hips.
Rickey Smiley: "What did you have on again?"
Desperate Chick #2: "A yellow dress with thick thighs and wide hips."

Now I don't know about you but my mouth literally dropped. I mean there is really not much left to say but Desperate chick #1 and #2 are the main reasons men are the way they are.

Ladies please get some class and self respect you are really killing the game for sistas that have it together!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Knowing is Half the Battle

So I checked out GI JOE this weekend and I have to admit it was pretty cool. There was non stop action from beginning to end. My only gripe beside the lady with the screaming baby and the chic who kept kicking the back of my chair was that, there was a lot going on simultaneously. It was border line chaotic because there was so many different things going on, but the stunts and the futuristics (mission impossible) technology made up for it. Marlon Wayans did a pretty decent job. He maintained his typical humorous personality and balanced it with the perfect blend of heroism which allowed him to still be taken seriously. Duke, served as perfect eye Candy for the movie and has a very promising chance of becoming McDreamy Joe.

All in all the movie was good and on a scale from 1 to 5 I give GI JOE a 4. If you were hooked on GI Joe as a child and you love action, this is one movie you will definitely want to check out. For those of you who have seen it let me know your thoughts.

Michael Phelps.....Uh not yet!

Once you reach a certain age basic activities you could have learned naturally as a child become increasingly difficult as an adult. Swimming is one of those activities. If you put a baby in the water, the baby will instinctively learn how to swim so they do not drown. If you put an adult in the water who does not know how to swim then you

Three weeks ago I decided that I was going to stop wishing I knew how to swim and make it my business to actually learn how to swim. With the help of a good friend I have had 3 lessons so far and slowly but surely I am making progress. The hardest part for me in learning how to swim is overcoming my fear of drowning. It seems as though once my ears get wet or my face goes in the water, I panic and start to mimic the body gestures of a fish out of water. I also noticed at the beginning of each lesson as we review what I learned the previous week, I start each position and midway through I force myself on the ropes flapping my arms like a manic all while screaming "WAIT WAIT I WANT TO STOP!!!!!!" Fortunately for me, my instructor is patient and has beared with me through my nonsense. I believe he has noticed the trend, that even though I have practiced each position perfectly in the previously lesson he understands that I'm crazy and will act like I am drowning during the beginning of every lesson.

Despite my slow progress, I am very excited that I am learning how to swim. I have brought everything to support my new hobby from chlorine removal shower gels to pretty pink buoys. As a new swimmer I must say I am disappointed in the whole swim cap theory. My hair has gotten soaking wet every time I have worn the cap and I feel like they are useless. Black girls can't afford to get their hair wet for GP so what's a girl to do?

Nonetheless, I will not let the swim cap issue nor my fear of drowning stop me. I hope to completely learn how to swim by the end of summer; if so, triathlon here I come!!!!!!