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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bartender!! Bartender!!

I mentioned in my previous post that I had a bartending gig during my Thanksgiving visit in NY. I was excited yet nervous about it because its been a while since I have bartended. I guess you can say bartending is like riding a bike because although I didn't remember any of the recipes on my index cards, when I got behind the bar everything came right back to me instinctively. What didn't come back to me I made up and guess what??? they liked it just as I knew they would :-)

I'm not sure what it is about the club that makes people want to floss and spend ALL of their money bottle popping, but hey their flossing is my tips. In the midst of my bartending hiatus I forgot just how fun it was. Its like going to the club getting paid to make drinks and listen to good music. It almost doesn't even feel like working sometimes and as for the money, well unless your in a really LAME spot, the money is always good.

For a quick minute I was thinking about officially putting my bartending hat back on but now that reality has settled back in I will have to humbly decline. Although the money is great and it is hella fun, my mentality has changed a bit and I think I will leave that as a every now and again gig.

If you have ever considered bartending I would definitely say try it. Those exciting times will serve as a great story when I am old and gray.

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