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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

B does it AGAIN!!!!!

I'm a little late with the videos but after hearing so many people talk about it I have finally seen Beyonce and Lady Gaga's "Video Phone" All I can say is B has done it again! I never really considered myself to be a Beyonce fan but I might have to start. This chic is killing it right now and its crazy. Some may think the video is trashy and too provocative but for some odd reason B still manages to look quite classy even when she's half naked. Maybe its her untarnished reputation or the fact that she's married but whatever it is, she pulls it off well.

The thing I like most about Beyonce is that she has found her niche and she has perfected it. She truly is the female Jay Z of pop music or whatever her genre of music is considered to be. Now some of you might not agree with that statement but if you don't...I want you to take a minute and give me one artist that you can actually compare Beyonce to??.....if your still looking for an answer its NO ONE. Not Re-Re, not Alicia Keyes, not MJB no one.

Beyonce is not the best singer ever or the greatest dancer but she is an amazing performer who reeks of unmatchable stardom. She's not afraid to be risque and she's not afraid to be sexy. It just so happens that her sexy is a different kind of sexy. Its that 2010 sexy all woman can take a note from. Its the sexy that says hey I COMMAND respect, I'm powerful, I'm hot and I'm gonna make these fools step up to my level. Now maybe that's my own interpretation but being as though she married Mr. Swagger himself I must be right. Jay Z has mad quiet a name for himself and Beyonce has done the same which makes them the perfect power couple. Love It!!!

If you have not checked out the video yet you can catch it on you tube. If you hate the video then its pretty clear that your a hater. Not sure what Lady Gaga's purpose was but hats off to you Beyonce for exuding power and confidence!!!

Check out the video and let me know what you think.

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  1. I agree, sandz! I love me some Bey! She is sexy, powerful, and let's she you know she don't take no mess! She is borderline rauncy though. But I do agree that she pulls it off. Sometimes I do want her to put on some clothes though! LOL!


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