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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Blues

Usually around the holidays I am bouncing from wall to wall singing Christmas carol's and estactically happy. I don't know what's going on this year but I think the holiday blues are trying to get me. By now I normally would have had my house fully decorated and my Christmas tree up but nope...nothing is done. I have a good idea what it is but how to fix it eludes me.

I thought my trip to Nordstroms on Saturday would solve my troubles but it didn't. All that did was add a nice touch to my outfit by having me purchase a pair of overly expensive booties.....they are cute though. So not only do I have the holiday blues, my 2year tradition of buying 1 gift for myself for every gift that I get for someone else is disappointingly unsuccessful this year.

Nonetheless, I'm going to continue to try to fight it. The Christmas Carrol's have been in rotation for the past 72 hours but I'm going to keep the going. I'm also going to pick up a Christmas tree today after work and begin decorating the house. If all else fails..........there is always eggnog lol.

Well folk I better get back to work. Don't let the holiday blues get you too....Happy Holidays.

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