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Monday, December 7, 2009

I Wanna be a MAC Girl

For those of you who know me you know that I am always into everything. I am fortunate enough to be good at a lot of things and I am always interested in trying new things. Its like the more skills I find that I am good at the more I become interested in venturing off and finding what else I can be good at. I guess you can say I'm a jack of many trades lol.

Anywho, lately I am really into make up and I think that I would make a great MAC girl. Now I must be honest and admit that I am still very much an amateur since I typically only wear makeup on my eyes; However, when I was in the MAC store the other day, I was looking at the makeup artists and I was saying to myself "wow, I could really do this and probably be good at it." Maybe it was the cute little aprons they was wearing, or maybe it was the fact that everyone in there was all dolled up from head to toe like I usually am. All I know is that I really have been feeling like that might be a good look for me.

I am really not sure how to go about becoming a MAC girl but I know I have alot to learn before I get to that point. Untill then I will polish my skill, do some research on skincare and learn new techinques. I will never be the chick who wears a full face of make up, but I do think its important to enhance the good qualities that you have and make them stand out. Take a look at the eye trick I rocked when I went out in NY. Suprisingly it was a hit, but I know there are other tricks I must learn to better my technique.

My constant need to venture off to new hobby is my way of looking for that one good skill that can keep my interest and really be of financial gain to me. The bartending thing was cool but as I mentioned before I feel conflicted bartending on Saturday and going to church on Sunday. (No offense to anyone, that is MY personal issue).

Nonetheless, I will continue on in my pursuits and keep track of my progress as time goes on. If you have any tips or feedback on the eye trick I tried please feel free to share.

MAC girl lol

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