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Monday, September 5, 2011

I Knew I Liked Him When.....

There is always that moment when you date someone and you find yourself doing something ridiculous that undoubtly tells you that you must really like this person. For me this moment occured after a night of innocent fun. While the state was declared with a category 3 hurricane here I was nestled away with my cutie playing board games, drinking wine and watching movies. Just in case for once the new casters was not exaggerating and were right in their predictions neither one of us wanted to get stranded alone. Though we would not admit to it and we both played it cool, we used that night as the perfect night to conveinently hang out. It is something to be said when you can hang out with a man and have good clean fun without any funny business going on.

As the night progressed the weather progressed as well. We experienced severe winds and heavy rains and at one point the electric even went out. My hottie crashed on my couch so he wouldnt get blown away and although I played it as cool as a cucumber I was more that happy to let him stay. When I awoke up I came out and peaked on him and I realized he was still sleeping. I tiptoed to the bathroom, freshened up and and then did something I will never forget. I curled my hair! Here it was 8:00 on a Saturday morning and I was secretly curling my hair so my hottie would think I just woke up looking this great. As I yawned it hit me...I must really like this guy if I am here curling my hair at 8 am.

It's funny the things woman will do when we have a new crush.

What are some of your funny eye opening moments when you first realized you like someone?


  1. I remember the days when I when do this for my boyfriend....well he is my husband now. :) You never know, it is the ones that make you do crazy things.
    I remember almost sleeping in a sitting position so I wouldn't mess my hair up. And yes, I would get up a little earlier to ensure I was glam when he woke up. LOL

  2. Optimistic mom thx for sharing.... That sounds like something I would do as well. The crazy things we do to be glam huh, you gotta love it lol.

  3. Aww! That is sweet! Let's see.... I remember always wanting to cook or bake something special for Derek (so he would see my "domestic" side while i was his girlfriend)... making little cute, crafty things (that took hours!) that i knew would make him smile. And always wanting my hair and makeup to be pretty for him!

  4. Lol that is so cute Yakini I might need those recipes lol!!!

  5. That's so cute and sweet! I remembered doing the silliest things to impress a guy..I pretended to be a vegetarian because the guy I was dating was one and it was hard not eating any meat! haha :-) xoxoxoo

  6. Fashion Cappuccino that is too funny lol thanks for sharing.


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