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Friday, September 2, 2011

One More Reason Why We Love B!

Is it me or is the thought a baby between Beyonce and Jayz exciting. The world's favorite celebrity couple is now expecting and Beyonce could not have shared the news in a more astonishing way. 4 days ago at the VMA's after performing Love On Top Beyonce slyly revealed her baby bump as a thrillful Jay-Z jumped up and down. A definite publicity stunt but for a couple who has always been so private about their relationship we loved it. The baby is expected in January. Congrats to the happy couple!!!

What do you think of how the couple revealed the news?


  1. I thought it was perfect - really sweet. It came as a shock though, since I know folks who just went to see her on tour a couple weeks prior, and they said she was dancing mad hard and had all of her usual energy and enthusiasm from beginning to end. Wow!

    I was cracking up when a friend of mine tweeted, after the big reveal at the awards show: "Now watch Kim K's attention-wh#re a** go and get pregnant to try and steal the shine back from her" Hahaha! (That was with regards to Kim thinking the whole world was still basking in the glow of her huge, elaborate wedding, only for Bey and J to yank the spotlight away from her).

  2. Yak ini, I love Kim K but you are right it's on bc she does like spotlight! Only her having twins could top B's news lol

  3. I absolutely loved the way she did it! If all eyes are on you, then give them something to see. ;)
    I loved how she was beaming....absolutely beautiful. I could watch it over and over again.


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