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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Winning by Twinning!!!

For those who know me, it will make total sense why I covered this article. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have finally released pictures of their double bundle of joy. The Cannon twins are absolutely adorable and the fact that there are two of them just tugs at your heart. After 5 months in hiding, Monroe and Moroccan Cannon made their first debut on 20/20 with Barbara Walters. Mariah (42) and Nick (31) seemed overjoyed with their new family additions. During the interview, Carey discussed her pregnancy and the joys of becoming a mom. Surprisingly, Carey confessed that she does not want any more kids but when you have twins what more can you ask for?

Children are one of life's greatest gifts and the ability to have two at one time is just miraculous to me. While most people think of the double work load like changing TWO pampers, hearing TWO crying babies, putting TWO babies to sleep, providing for TWO babies at one time, I see it more as a double blessing. Twins typically have a close knit relationship whether they are fraternal or identical. From child birth way into their adult life most twins become best friends by default. I have a deep appreciation for close knit siblings and I would love to have twins of my own.

While twins are rare there are quite a few celebrity twins out there so stay tuned for that story. Congratulations again to the proud parents!!!. How would YOU feel if you found out you was having twins :-)???


  1. Before my son was born, I really, REALLY wanted twins. However, now I am glad I am the mother of one. I don't know if I could have handled two babies!

  2. Before I had kids I wanted twins because I thought the idea was so cute and fun (and I still do). But after doing the work of ONE baby, on two separate occasions, I would never EVER wish that on myself. However, with that said, I definitely see the appeal of twins, and can certainly understand why one might want that. Its just not for me (LOL). Im too lazy for all that.

  3. Thanks ladies that is definetely interesting to hear especially since you guys already have kids. I can assume it definitely can be exhausting raising two children at the exact same time. Call me crazy but I still am totally obsessed with the idea... lol I guess time will tell. lol.... Thanks for reading.

  4. These babies are just too cute! Just to let you know I had a post about them lined up... Don't want you to think I was bitting : )

    Oh, I had a twin scare! I when I was 8 weeks I told the dr that I thought I was too big! He just laughed it off until he did a vag check then said... Are you sure 8 wk cuz your measuring at 14 wks!!! So I went a wk until ultra sound and found out I had huge fibroids making me bigger. Nerve recking!

  5. These twins are adorable. When I was younger I wanted twins, but as I get older I think one at a time might be enough. It takes a lot of energy and good management to take care of one which seems to diminish with age. Lol. I don't think they call them double trouble for nothing. However, the idea of twins is still lovely. Great post!

  6. Those pictures really are adorable. I thought before I became a Mom that I would love twins, too. Get it all done with, etc. Now that I have a toddler son, I can't even imagine it. My hat is off to all parents of multiples!! I don't know how they do it!

  7. Kesha, babyshopacholic and Sarah, thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment.


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