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Monday, October 24, 2011

Morning Moments

Monday through Friday on a daily basis I find myself totally intrigued by the quirky things that seem to happen only to me. My mornings consist of me running from room to room in a frenzy tyring to get myself together while still making it to work on time. Plagued as a magnet for embarrassing and annoying moments take a look at some of my fondest morning mishap moments:

1. That just want to scream moment when I am ready to walk out the door and I take that last look in the mirror and realize I have panty lines.

2. That mortifying moment when I take my first bathroom back and while washing my hands I realize I and everyone else in the office can tell I have on a PINK bra.

3. That ackward moment when I sit in my office and realize my shirt black and bottom black different blacks.

4. That annoying moment when I have 1 piece of hair that has a mind of its own and no matter how much product I put on it, it distractingly does its own thing throughout the day.

5. That humbling moment when I get to work and am thankful for my emergency stash of deodorant in my desk because I totally forgot to put some on.

6. That embarrassing moment when I am walking down the street and realize my skirt/dress is totally see through.

7. That aggravating moment when after putting on my make up, I change my mind about my outfit just to realize my eye shadow/lip stick now does not match.

8. That silent moment when I go to lunch or run an errand and walk past a mirror catching a glimpse of myself and realize the outfit that I thought was sooooo hot is really not that flattering after all.

9. That priceless moment when I am in my morning meeting talking and I realize I have come undone as I forgot to pull the zipper on my dress all the way up in the back.

10. That anal retentive moment when I am in a meeting with a client and I realize my perfect manicure has a chip and I want to hide that one finger because I now cannot stop staring at it.

11. That precious moment when my irritating coworker tells me she likes my "new shirt" and its not until hours later I realize the heifer knew it was new because I left the price tag on it.

12. That frustrating moment when I finally switch my purse just to realize as I walk out the door my newly packed purse does not match my shoes, so I now have to change it back.

I am sure it is hard to believe that (1) I ever get to work on time and that (2) I actually am able to still look fabulous despite the odds but by some sheer miracle it happens. Maybe waking up a half hour earlier would curb all these mishaps but a gal needs her beauty sleep. What are some of your morning mishaps?


  1. LOL! Omg, cracking up at these 2 pictures. Goodness, how awful.

    Hmmm, let's see. Well i've gotten to work in a knee length skirt and realized i didnt apply sufficient lotion... so my ankles and knees are looking crazy. Ugh, so not cool. Good thing i keep a supply of lotion at my desk, but there's still that walk of shame through the halls and to my office, having to greet folks and what not, looking all ashy.....

  2. Loving it! That is everyday for me. Not just Monday. LOL. I went to work with a maxi skirt, but I wore socks not stockings. Turns out that I had so much static my skirt kept riding, showing my socks. I was a hot mess. LOL Funny now. Not so funny then.

  3. Yakini I had a Few of those myself lol.

  4. Kesha, i was scratching my head on maxi skirt lol.....I thought i was the only one struggling to get it together in the mornings lol

  5. When I read this in my email I confess I couldn't stop laughing. But not at you, with you.

  6. Optimistic mom I'm bad but at least not as bad as the girl in the picure with the panty tuck lol. Small blessing lol thanks for reading.

  7. Girl I think I have had all these moments! But as for panty lines, girl I just let it ride! I hate thongs! That is on fashion faux-pah (???) that I don't mind breaking!

  8. LOL..I've had all of these. I think it's something about home mirrors that makes one look OH SO FINE, then as soon as I get to work, the store or elsewhere, I'm like HUH..that's not how I looked when I left.


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