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Monday, August 29, 2011

Who Could Replace 0ur Stacy

Rumor has it that Stacy Dash has been ousted from VH1's new nighttime soap opera Single Ladies. Dash who plays alongside Lisa Raye McCoy, plays the classy down to earth Val, who appears to be everyone's favorite. Week after week Dash exudes true fashion from heading to toe, wearing some our favorite labels such as Christian Louboutin, Hermes and Gucci to name a few. While it has not yet been confirmed if this horrendous rumor is true the show is in for a rude awakening if they think they can just write Dash's character off. Several fans have complained about the rumors and strongly expressed there loyalty to Dash being apart of the show. I personally am not interested in watching any show in which Lisa Raye has the staring role. Perhaps, if they can find a suitable fit to Dash then there might be hope yet. But who could fill such shoes? What actress is geogeous, has an unique yet trendy sense of style and can bring an element of class to to the show? I do not believe anyone can ever replace Stacy Dash however, here are a few actresses that might stand a chance:

Who do you think can be the next Val?


  1. Oh god, no no no no!!! None of these women could replace Val. They don't have the beauty or the sweetness. And several are too young. *sigh* I was thinking Robin Givens maybe. BUT I hope it doesnt come to that!!!

  2. I thought of Robin Givens myself but pulled up a picture of her and realized she was too old idk :( they need to keep stacy!!!

  3. OMG I just hope they are able to keep Stacy! She is the reason why I watch the show!!!! I don't think any of the ladies could replace Stacy. Lauren London has had a cameo already so she might not work. Robin Lee does kind of favor Stacy Dash but I don't know if she could pull off Val. Maybe Stacy will stay. Great read!! :)

  4. Miss Dre she is the reason WE ALL watch the show lol. She is like the Carrie (satc) for Single ladies. I hope they keep her.. Thanks for the comment :)

  5. I heard on the radio yesterday that Megan Goode will be replacing Stacy Dash....I think she is a good replacement!

  6. Thanks for the comment Style & Poise cause I was late on that memo. I hate to see Stacy go but I think Meagan Good will do pretty okay, fingers crossed!


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