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Friday, September 9, 2011

Schweddy Balls Anyone???

I saw this and I could not help but laugh. Ben & Jerry's has released a new flavor of ice cream named after a Saturday Night Live skit called Schweddy Ball's. The provocative name is a tribute to the 1998 skit in which Alec Baldwin plays a baker who is trying to promote his rum balls, cheese balls and popcorn balls as "Schweddy Balls." I personally find the name hilarious and I really found myself chuckling when I first read the flavor. Advertising and marketing companies are always looking to step outside the box and come up with unique ideas, I think the A&M team at Ben & Jerry's nailed this one.

The new flavor is a mixture of rum flavored ice cream with fudge covered rum balls and chocolate malt balls. Not only does this sound absolutely delish the name of the flavor yields a automatic childlike grin from anyone just saying it.

Schweddy Balls is not the first provocative flavor from Ben & Jerry's. Schweddy Balls will join the group with similar enticing flavors such as Karamel Sutra, Magic Brownies and at one point there was even Hubby Hubby. As if eating ice cream is not fun enough, Ben & Jerry's has found a way to make it just a little more exciting.

What is your favorite provocative Ben & Jerry's ice cream?


  1. Well I've always been a haagen dazs gal myself, but this flavor (and that picture) looks sooo good! Mmmm! lmaoo @ that name! Omg, how funny is that!

  2. I don't really do Ben & Jerry's; I am more of a Haggen Daz girl. But it does sound delish. I think I might have tried their Chunky Monkey once and that was good. But thanks to you, Ben & Jerry might get some money out of me as I venture out and give Schweddy Balls a try.

  3. I guess we all will be trying some schweddy balls, there's a first time for everything :-)


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