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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Day We Lost A Hip Hop Legend

Thirteen years ago today, Hip Hop lost a legend. The Brooklyn girl in me could never let this day go unnoticed without mentioning the late great B-I-G. The musical contributions Biggie made to hip hop is not only uniquely noteworthy but it is also unforgettable. He rapped about fame and fortune while revealing the harsh reality of his life before the flashy lights. A life in which trouble, hard times and a few bad decisions followed him. But a life that opted him the amazing opportunity to become what many will refer to as one of the greatest rappers of all times.

Biggie had a realness that commanded respect and a swag that a dude like him could normally not be able to own. Biggie showed the world that even big dudes can rock a shinny suit and dance like puffy, and he had the likes of Faith Evans and Lil Kim, madly in love with him. More importantly, Biggie did something no rapper before him has ever done... he gave Brooklyn a sense of pride they never had before. This pride flows strong in Brooklyn its a pride that boldly says greatness can come right from BK! It was this same sense of pride that made Brooklyn welcome and embrace Jay Z and if you disagree with what I'm saying ask ANY New Yorker, who's the greatest rapper ever? I assure you their response will include BOTH Biggie and Jay Z.

Today we celebrate Biggie's life and the many contributions he made to Hip Hop. Whether your from New York, Maryland, California, Texas or Ohio, the world will never have another Biggie. No song will ever get me as amped as I get when a Biggie song comes on and no one will ever say Brooklyn and not think of the Legendary Greatest......Biggie Smalls.

R.I.P Christoper Wallace

"Remember Rappin' Duke, duh-ha, duh-ha / You never thought that hip hop would take it this far / Now I'm in the limelight 'cause I rhyme tight"- Biggie Smalls

Feel free to let me know your thoughts and your favorite Biggie song? Mine was One More Chance.

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