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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Not Everyone is Getting Divorced!!!

With divorce rates currently at a whopping 50% I am honored to congratulate my sister on her 9Th wedding anniversary! As the world continues to become more liberated in every aspect, marriage theses days have becoming increasingly more challenging. Woman now have the mindset they can take care of themselves and men continue to struggle with fidelity as we now live in a over sexual society. Both factors have played a contributing role in divorce rates.

When I look at my married friends and my sister I look at them with admiration but I am also aware that marriage is a "forever" commitment and it takes a lot of work. My sister have been a great role model for me and her marriage inspires me to not get too frustrated with these knuckle heads out here. Today I congratulate my big sis on being happily married for 9 years, and I pray for many more happy years in her marriage.

Happy Marryversary Sister!!!!!


  1. with tear drops falling my eye as read about the love of two people and the impact that it has on those looking in. The world differently need to know that couples are making it work.

    thanks for sharing

  2. It definitely seems as though the world has given up on marriage. It is a sad reality that many children today grow up in a family with only one parent present. But what a celebration when we realize that not all have fallen. Thank you for remembering those couples work to make it work. Thank you for honoring those who have made a lifelong commitment to each other, in spite of....
    As you celebrate marriage, I just want to recognize the President and First Lady who, for me, have taken black family and marriage to another level in my eyes. Thank you God for sharing with the world the Obama Family, portraying black families in a light that many people have not seen the likes of.

  3. Great point Sleepy, about our President and First Lady setting a great example of famaily and marriage!!!


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