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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Michael Phelps.....Uh not yet!

Once you reach a certain age basic activities you could have learned naturally as a child become increasingly difficult as an adult. Swimming is one of those activities. If you put a baby in the water, the baby will instinctively learn how to swim so they do not drown. If you put an adult in the water who does not know how to swim then you

Three weeks ago I decided that I was going to stop wishing I knew how to swim and make it my business to actually learn how to swim. With the help of a good friend I have had 3 lessons so far and slowly but surely I am making progress. The hardest part for me in learning how to swim is overcoming my fear of drowning. It seems as though once my ears get wet or my face goes in the water, I panic and start to mimic the body gestures of a fish out of water. I also noticed at the beginning of each lesson as we review what I learned the previous week, I start each position and midway through I force myself on the ropes flapping my arms like a manic all while screaming "WAIT WAIT I WANT TO STOP!!!!!!" Fortunately for me, my instructor is patient and has beared with me through my nonsense. I believe he has noticed the trend, that even though I have practiced each position perfectly in the previously lesson he understands that I'm crazy and will act like I am drowning during the beginning of every lesson.

Despite my slow progress, I am very excited that I am learning how to swim. I have brought everything to support my new hobby from chlorine removal shower gels to pretty pink buoys. As a new swimmer I must say I am disappointed in the whole swim cap theory. My hair has gotten soaking wet every time I have worn the cap and I feel like they are useless. Black girls can't afford to get their hair wet for GP so what's a girl to do?

Nonetheless, I will not let the swim cap issue nor my fear of drowning stop me. I hope to completely learn how to swim by the end of summer; if so, triathlon here I come!!!!!!

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