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Saturday, August 22, 2009

OYA oh boya!!!

On Friday, my Line Sister and I decided to hit the streets and attend a happy hour. The initial plan was to stay in MD for a change and go some where local, so we decided to go to BMX. When we pulled in the driveway we both looked at each other like "are we really going in there?? yuck." Now I know that might sound bourgeois or stuck up but hey, when you frequent places like The Park, its kinda hard to go to a place where the men are wearing plaid shorts and jerseys.

Anywho, we decided not to kid ourselves and we headed straight to DC to go to LuX. Between the rain and the giggling, the jokes and the girl talk we somehow winded up at Posh instead. We walked in and requested a table and was asked if we had a reservation. Ok, ok so we didn't have a reservation big flipping deal is what I was is after all only Posh. Nonetheless, they had the audacity to tell us they would inform us in the next 45 minutes if we could be seated. Nothing else needed to be said, we left.

At my LS suggestion we decided to venture off and go to OYA. In the midst of the rain, bad directions and just mere frustration that it was 2 hours later from the time we met up and still hadn't eaten we were both pretty cranky. The funny thing about the whole night is that through it all, my ls and I laughed at EVERYTHING. Even the pedestrian that deliberately gave us the wrong directions.

We finally found OYA and after the long night we been through it was like seeing the promise land. OYA is a "contemporary Asia-French fusion restaurant and lounge in Penn Quarters." The atmosphere is euphoric and when you initially walk in the first thought is "dag, is this in the budget?" Surprisingly it was, and very much so. My LS had the Mac N Cheese with lobster, Bittersweet Molten Chocolate Cake and a Moulin Rouge. I had a Sea Bass spring roll which was quite filling, a Triple Ginger Carrot Cake Bar which made me want to lick the plate and a bubbly concoction called "Sex" which came in a tease size and a climax size. It's crazy but in 2009 you can actually go to a restaurant and have sex for only $6.00! Needless to say I was straight and everything was right in the world.I was thoroughly impressed with OYA, its a great place for a dinner party, first date or night out with the girls. The marble white walls, white leather couches and amazing fireplace makes the place feel surreal. Even decor in the restrooms make you want to linger in the mirrors and play and primp. The staff was was attractive, the service was impeccable and no we did not have a reservation. OYA is 10 times better than Posh and if you are ever in the DC area you should definitely check it out. OYA oh Boya!

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  1. Great review! We had a wonderful time and I enjoyed the entire journey, including the guy that gave us the wrong directions.


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