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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Get Some Class....please!!

Ok, so I was driving to work yesterday morning, listening to 92Q and the advice chic (not sure of her name) came on and gave her insight on relationships. Addressing the fact that the dating scene is taking a dramatic turn for the worse, the advice chic believes the underlying cause for this shift is that woman are so scared of the 1:13 men to woman ratio, that they have started doing any and everything to keep or get a man. This action by woman has resulted in men being the choosers instead of the chasers.

The days of the man being in pursuit are far gone because woman have just made it too easy nowadays. Unfortunately, I have to agree with this point because I have noticed men are just too lazy to chase these days, because they have so many options and they simply don't HAVE to anymore. Now I am not one for silly games, but if a dude will not put forth a little effort to pull me, then in the long run he is probably not worth my time.

Nonetheless, after the radio chic shares her wisdom I start listening to the Rickey Smiley Morning Show and like clock work I was able to see just why men have gotten so out of control. So Drake, was the featured guess for the morning and he was talking to Ricky Smiley much about nothing. A few woman called in and this is how the first two calls went:

Desperate Chick #1: "Hi Drake, I'm trying to see you tonight."
Drake: Uh, you wanna see me? I'm in Dallas where are you.
Desperate Chick #1: "I'm in Atlanta, but imma have to do something cuz I need
to see you tonight."
Drake: Laugh uncomfortably like ok.

Desperate Chick #2: "Hi Drake, my name is Trina, remember me from last night?"
Drake: (Laughs) can you clarify what you mean by last night.
Desperate Chick# 2: "We chilled and had a good time. I'm the one that had on
the yellow dress with the thick thighs and wide hips.
Rickey Smiley: "What did you have on again?"
Desperate Chick #2: "A yellow dress with thick thighs and wide hips."

Now I don't know about you but my mouth literally dropped. I mean there is really not much left to say but Desperate chick #1 and #2 are the main reasons men are the way they are.

Ladies please get some class and self respect you are really killing the game for sistas that have it together!

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