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Friday, July 24, 2009

TEXTING does not equal Talking

Recently, I have heard alot of complaints about how technology is almost eliminating the need for communication. Text messaging, FBing, BBMing, IMing, Twitter, MySpace and email are the hiding places for those who opt not to participate in face to face interaction. On numerous occasions I have been guilty of texting instead of calling or emailing instead of talking, but after the text message I recieved the other day, even I can admit that the lines of communication between men and woman are really getting bad.

A few week ago I met a average looking man outside of a very popular DC lounge. Ten minutes after meeting him he sent me a text message that read "how do you spell your name?" I found that slighty odd since my first name only has four letters but I texted him the correct spelling of my first name and went about my business. A few days later he texted me again and it read "text me your email address so we can make plans." Now that text was more than slightly odd, it was stupid!

It seems as though people today, are hiding behind networking applications because they are either insincere or lack basic communication skills. The intimacy of phone calls is almost extinct. Nowadays everything is well thought out and then typed into an electronic device sent from one hand to another. What happened to the good ole days when a man would call a woman and say "are you free this friday evening?"

As technology continues to make things easier for us at every end, some things actually require a little bit of work. Men, if you are interested in a woman pick up the phone and call her sometimes. Let her hear the sincerity of your voice instead of making her decode the sincerity of your texts. If you cannot say what you write/text then you problably should not be saying it at all. If you lack the courage or initiative to pick up a phone and ask a woman out then you don't deserve a date.

Needless to say, I did not respond to the text, my lack of geniune interest mixed with his lack of communication skills reaks of future havoc. The point is that there is nothing wrong with IMing, FBing, Texting or emailing when it is done in moderation. Lets open our mouths and not force our fingers to do all the communicating.

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  1. I agree, its crazy to have a man or womans phone number and not use it to talk. We have to get back to the good ol days of getting to know a person.


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