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Monday, August 31, 2009

Idle Thoughts

Below are a few random thoughts that crossed my mind today.

Why does a guy either like you too much or not enough can't there be a happy median.

Jay Z is the only dude who can make people actually look forward to 9/11.

I'm seriously considering becoming a massage therapist on the side...but my friends keep asking me if I can rub a nasty hairy ugly back for 1hr? My answer "...if the money is right hell yeah!"

I was reading someones else's blog and they used the EXACT same picture AND title as one of my blogs, which was posted months ago. That's just know who you are.

I saw the cutest shoes in NORDY'S today for $158.00....should I get them??

Why is BET only "considering" picking up CW's The Game? They can pick up College Hill but a good down to earth show like The Game, is under consideration. SNH

Is it me or is the initial set up of twitter non user friendly?

Thinking about throwing a get together what are some things that will make it a hit!!!

I wonder if wheat grass will really rid me of my gray hair. I am going to try it this week and let you know.

If your having a party, wedding, baby shower, or anything that would require an invitation, email me at and i can personally customize a invitation for you.

Every man should strive for a body like Idris Elba that man screams SEXY!!!!

Would i look best driving a Acura, Maxima or Expedition?

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