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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Seasons Change Your time is Up!

Usually right before New Year's I read over my old diary entries, scroll through my phone and delete the people who no longer need to be in my life. Truth be told, I hate this routine behavior I engage in but I know that people come in your life for a season and the seasons change. Although I am 4 months early it seems as though its time for the removal process to begin. The friends that have drained me emotionally, the people who have gotten on my last nerves, the ex-boyfriends that have been around for way too long and the new guys that have already shown disappointing signs.....well its time for them all to go.

Statistiscs shows that when people write things down, they are more inclined to follow through on what they say they will do. This blog is my way of ensuring that I do what I need to do.

The removal process this year is twice as hard. Maybe its harder because the time came around earlier than expected or maybe its harder because there are people that I really don't want to remove. What I do know is that emotions are feelings that can make you loose sight of the bigger picture, they are feelings that make people do things that logically don't make sense. Emotions are temporary reactions that can betray you and make a fool of you if you let them. With that said, my feelings are irrelavent to my decision. There are 3 people this blog applies to. If you initiate contact with me and you receive no response, know that you was one of the three. It's been fun (not really) but your time is up!

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