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Sunday, August 23, 2009

FOOTBALL Season is finally here

After months of waiting football season is finally here. Whether you have a man who loves sports or your a single female, football is a game everyone can grow to love. I haven't always been a personal fan of the sport but once I opened my mind and gave it a chance I was hooked. Week after week guys in tight shorts and bulging biceps play an aggressive four quarter game, battling it out for the one game which makes the whole NFL season make sense.....the SUPERBOWL!

From controversial players like T.O, Michael Vick and Pacman Jones, to the adorably handsome Santana Moss, football brings forth an a unpredictable seasonal where veterans and rookies all come together in hopes of making it to the finals. So ladies do your research, pick a region, a team, a color, whatever floats your boat, but get in the game. If you are in a relationship or just dating host a football party you'll have a blast. Remember real divas can speak on every subject so why not start with America’s favorite sport, and I don’t mean soccer!

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