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Sunday, August 1, 2010

OCHOCINCO'S- The Ultimate Catch

I hate to admit that I have fallen for yet again another celebrity reality show but I have. The Ultimate Catch, is a new reality show which follows Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson, as he attempts to find the one. Think of the Bachelor meets Flavors of Love minus the ghettoness and you get the Ultimate Catch.

Week after week woman from all nationalities go to bat to win Chad's attention. The group of woman consists of the stereotypical ghetto black girl, the slutty white girl and the overly pretty Latina girl, amongst what appears to be a surprisingly good group of decent girls.

Maybe its my love for anything relating to football that draws my attention to the show or maybe its just refreshing to see a mans' point of view as he picks and chooses the woman he thinks can win his heart. Known for his outgoing personality and his ongoing role down to the final four on Dancing with the Stars, Chad Johnson is quite the entertainer. Rumored to have been involved with his DWTS partner Cheryl Burke, it will be interesting to see if this father of four is really looking to settle down. From 85 girls down to 16 the show has been surprisingly clean void of any of the tacky makeout sessions shown of Flavors of Love. Nonetheless, with 11 girls left it will be interesting to watch how things pan out. Keep an eye on the slutty Tara, and Chad's #1 Rubi, as something tells me those two will make it to the finals.

You can catch Ochocino's Ultimate Catch on Sundays, on VH1's.

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