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Monday, August 16, 2010

A Walk To Remember

After an emotionally tumultuous week, I decided to take a few days off to regroup. During my time off I planned on trying some new things to spice things up. I did all sorts of crazy liberating things, some I will tell you in upcoming posts, others I will keep to myself simply's none of your business.

On my last day off I decided I would take a trip to Virginia and go to a park I have never been to before. I called it my little adventure for the day. I started my adventure with a calm mind ready to take on what I thought was just a simple walk in the park. I was fully prepared with my water, snacks, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, and camera in tote. After doing a little research I knew not to carry a purse and the only thing I might should keep an eye out for was snakes. Nonetheless, I was on my way in full nature girl mode feeling relaxed and fearless at the same time.

My adventure started out amazing. The first thing I saw was an amazing waterfall that took my breath away. I was so excited once I saw the waterfall I couldn't wait to see more. Immediately I took off with my map in one hand water in the other and I was off. As I walked and walked and I began to realize I was no longer on a path but more so a trail. There was not many people along the path aside from the two guys i passed dressed in hiking gear. I kicked myself for wearing my gladiators instead of sneakers but I was in such a good mood I kept on undiscouraged. What started off as a walk in the park quickly turned into a full hike; because, before I knew it i was climbing rocks and the only thing in eyes view was dirt, trees and rocks.

For a moment I felt magical, like I was in a Harry Potter movie or in Twilight. It was just me and the forest. While I could not see anyone I heard echos. The more I walked the more I realized if something happened to me, not a soul would know where I was. Matter of fact, I realized if I did not pay attention I might not even know how to find my way back. I began to drop my peanuts and leave a trail just in case. Proud of my quick thinking I kept on going. Sticky from the forest dew and sweltering sun my water came in quite handy that is, until I realized it wasn't enough. I would like to think I'm in pretty good shape but I was exhausted and I had only been hiking for about 30 minutes. I looked at my map to see what the next landmark was but according to my map there was none. No silly convenience stores, no snack stands nothing just me and the trees.

Part of me felt liberated by my adventure another part of me thought about what my mother would say if she knew I was out there alone. Feeling like the "stupid girl" in the movies who goes off in some deserted location all alone, I began to hear more echo's. From the sound of them I could tell those voices were miles away. It was at this point that I began to get a little nervous that I might not be able to find my way back, and that this adventure might be way too much for one city girl all by herself.

For those who know me you might be surprised I was even interested in this little adventure but what most people don't know is that I use to be a girl scout. Camping, hiking, horseback riding, mountain climbing, count me in. So after I give myself the "don't be afraid I'm from Brooklyn pep talk" I continued my hike. I ignored the feeling of fear that is trying to grip me. A fear so bad it was far worse than the fear I had when I pledged. But again I reminded myself how tough I was then and that I'm tougher now so I continued. Just as I started to breath normal and relax a bit I looked up and stopped dead in my tracks.

On this sweltering sunny August day I had just made eye contact with a deer who was standing less that 15ft from me. My first thought was to scream and take off and run. However, given the shoes I was wearing I decided that was not smartest idea. I tried to recall any stories that I heard about deers attacking people but none came to mind. So I looked that deer in the eye and slowly began to walk backwards. I'm not sure why I had my hands up as if the police was after me, I guess that was my of telling the deer "I don't want no trouble" I walked backwards until the deer was out of sight. He never moved, he just looked at me as if I was intruding upon his territory. I pulled out my map and on the back of it I looked at all the things it said be cautious for: snakes, drowning, no swimming, no boating, it said absolutely nothing about deers. I knew then it was time for me to go home. I was way out of my league and by now I had no more water left.

My walk had now turned into a mild jog. My fear had elevated to pure fright. "What the hell was I doing out here?" I kept asking myself "and what was that noise behind me I kept hearing?" I st oped to see if the deer had followed me and I was relieved that it did not. That is, until I hear the bushes rustling and saw something black coming out of them. I wanted to scream, to run, to hide but I couldn't move. All I could? think of was what black girl dies in the park on a Monday afternoon from being eaten by a bear My attention sprung back to the black creature emerging from the bushes. As it came out with great force I covered my mouth and jumped. It wasn't a deer, It wasn't a bear it was a horse! No rider, no saddle, just a horse who decided to cross my path. Frozen in my steps I stood there stricken with fear as the horse ran to meet my friend Mr. Deer. I didn't breathe, I didn't blink and as soon as that horse was was outta sight I hightailed my butt out of that park.

I ran like I was running the Olympics. As I made it back to the Welcome Center people looked at me as if they were confused. Drenched in sweat, grass and spider webs I looked like I lost my mind. I finally caught my breath and again I referred back to my map which read beware of snakes, drowning, no swimming, no boating. It said nothing about deers and nothing about wild horses. I no longer cared how crazy I looked or how many people stared at me, all I knew was this was way more of an adventure than this city girl bargained for.

An hour later I was back in my safe haven where there was no wildlife. I sipped on my Frappachino and reflected on my day. While my adventure did not go as planned I came back with a heck of a story. I wanted to spice things up and I did. You can take the girl out the city and the city out the girl, but don't you dare put that girl in the woods.

Stay tuned for some of my other adventures!!!!!

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  1. LOL...It sounds like a familiar story. I hope you can read what you wrote and laugh it!! Been there, and after, I laughed all the way home with my heart beating a hole in my chest.

    I wonder, does the rest of your week even compare???


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