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Monday, August 23, 2010

How Naughty Are Your Nighties?

Are you a T-shirt and boxer kind of woman or a pretty nightgown kind of woman? Does your significant other glance over at you at nighttime and smile because even at the end of the day you still look amazing or does he secretly post questions on Facebook, about how to get you out of those ugly dingy T shirts you wear to bed?

Bedtime apparel requires effort despite its late night hour. Ladies what you wear to bed sets the tone for the night and indirectly develops a pattern for the nighttime routine you have with your mate or yourself. A recent survey showed 3 out of 5 woman do not invest in nightwear. Comfortable T-shirts and shorts was their preference.

With the number of options one can chose from when it comes to sleep wear it is baffling to hear that some woman still opt to wear raggedy T-shirts to bed. There's boy shorts and matching tanks, boxers and matching tanks, baby dolls nightgowns, lace nightgowns, satin pajama sets, exotic lingerie and even sexy looking cotton night gowns to choose from. These options are not staple items you wear on special occasions. These options are things you wear on a everyday basis to ensure you look good not only for your mate but for yourself. The best way to think about it is, if an emergency forced you to leave your house in the middle of the night would you really want to go out in public in your dingy over sized T-shirt with the hole under the arm?

While some of you may think this is meaningless banter I assure you it is not. A good friend of mine recently posted on his Facebook page that he wants his girlfriend to burn all her dingy T-shirt and grandma draws and get with the program because he was becoming more and more turned off by her. His Facebook status received 37 comments from men and woman giving him advice on how to get his girlfriend out of her hideous T-shirts. While its sad that he needed to result to such measures as posting his nighttime problems on Facebook, it shows the brother must really hate these T-shirts if he is putting his own business on blast.

If woman make it their business to remember just how visual men are small things like looking nice for bed and keeping yourself up will eliminate alot of negative energy in your relationship. Ladies in no way am I suggesting that you wear La Perla every night. The point is not to look good for someone else the point is to look good for you. Don't cheat yourself with ugly moments due to laziness. Looking good means feeling good and if you all you have are dingy T shirts find a cute baby T and wear it with nice underwear and watch how much more attractive you feel even if no one is looking.

Here are a few comfortable sleep options which says cute yet still sexy.

Happy sleeping!!

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  1. I so agree with you BKVixen. I mean I try to always look my best at night. For me, its something about taking a nice warm shower or bath, moisturizing my skin, and putting something on that makes me look good. Now, I am not a fan of satin...too hot, but I certainly agree that looking good doesn't just doesn't end.
    I learned that from my mommy!!


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