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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Today’s grip session consists of my random why’s and my “I Hates.”

What does Fantasia, Alicia Keys, and Gabrielle Union have in common? They are all home wreckers

Don’t you hate cowards? It’s just impossible to respect them.

Don’t you hate when people you use to date still call you well after you both realized there was NO connection?

Why are people really buying into Rick Ross’s new name Ricky Rose?

Don’t you just hate when you buy toilet paper and it’s way TOO hard but you brought like 12 rolls so now you have to suffer?

Don’t you hate when you go out to dinner with a guy and the waitress tends to all his needs without even looking your way to at least see if you want some water?

Why has Tiki Barber allowed himself to be another black cheating man statistic?
Don’t you hate when you bump into a EX and you are not at your best maybe even your worst?

Why do our celebrity black men have this new obsession with wife-in up strippers?

Don’t you hate when people use Facebook and Twitter to tell their ghetto business?

Men, why would you go to a females house and leave her toilet seat up? Thanks for the courtesy but we use it down thanks!

Don’t you hate when you sneeze and it feels like a fart wants to slip out? Don’t lie you know it happens.

Don’t you hate being the bigger person sometimes, when it’s so much easier to be the smaller person?

Why do radio stations play the same song at the exact same time?

Why do men at the gym think you want to be pick up if you have your head phones on and never look their way?

Why do people step on the brakes when they see a cop and their speeding? Don’t they know a radar detector picks up the break signal?

Why do woman over 30 still try to be “thick” don’t you realize your metabolism will slow down and the thicker you are at 30 means the fatter you will be 40?

Don’t you hate that the world’s idea of family now seems to be baby first then marriage?

Don’t you hate when you go to a friend’s function and the food is gross but out of respect you feel obligated to eat some and hide the rest?

Don’t we hate that although TI is only 5’4 he’s officially off the market now?

Don’t you hate when your friends continuously send blackberry blast messages or emails about events they KNOW you’re not coming to?

Don’t you hate that although you might not agree with all my hates and random why’s don’t you just hate that you read them all?? LOL

Feel free to join in an let me know what you hate or your random why's.

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