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Thursday, July 22, 2010

How I Did It

Lately I have been approached by quite a few people inquiring about the weight I have lost. While I have never been more than 145lbs I have said my goodbyes to my heavier curvaceous self and said hello to my healthier leaner self. With still a ways to go before I reach my ideal size,I am overjoyed with the weight I have lost and thoroughly encouraged to continue to strive to obtain all of my physical goals. In the interim,I thought it would be helpful to share some of my unconventional secrets that has helped me drop from a size 10 to a size 4. Please keep in mind the tips listed below may not be the most conventional means for everyone but this is what help me.

1. Surround yourself with people who are physically fit and in excellent shape. Looking at their healthy physique will make you feel guilty every time you indulge in unhealthy sweets you should not be eating. If you see that a six-pack and killer legs is obtainable for someone else, it sends a distinctive message to your brain that you too can achieve the same results if you work hard enough. This tip worked wonders for me because seeing is believing.

2. Start a new exercise that will take you out of your comfort zone. Running is a exercise that until recently was quite foreign to me. I began to run every time I went to the gym and before I knew it I was training for my first 5k. By stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something different,my body was immediately challenged to work harder and I saw the results alot faster. Running is one of the fastest healthiest ways to burn calories. Start small, stay consistent and your body will begin to love the workout.

3. Join an expensive gym. Aside from experiencing state of the art equipment and luxury amenities such as spa's, steam rooms, jacuzzis, and indoor/outdoor pools, this unconventional method works perfectly for me because I absolutely refuse to waste $70.00 a month. Most memberships are automatically withdrawn from your account which means your gym will be getting your membership fees whether you go or not. Throwing $70.00 down the drain in this recession is insanity especially when that money can be saved or used to buy a new pair of shoes. In addition calculating how much each visit will cost me ($5.83 for at least 12 visits) helps me justify the $70.00 expense and it ensures that I will attend the gym no less than 12x a month.

4. Complete part of your workouts in front of a mirror if possible. Watching yourself workout can serve as a means of motivation if you don't like what you see, and a means of encouragement for the improvements that will begin to take place in your body and form. This is not a tactic to be vain or conceited but merely a way to identify what you look like in comparison to what you want to look like.

5. Express your workout goals to family and friends. This will keep you motivated because the haters will love to ask you if you stopped yet, and your supporters will love to hear that you are on your way to achieve exactly what you said you will do.

6. Don't buy junk food when grocery shopping. This may sound like a given to some but to others it will prove to be quiet helpful. When grocery shopping never include cookies, juice, chips, ice cream or any form of sweets. It will be more of an inconvenience to give into your sweet cravings if you have to go out and get the snacks versus walking straight into the kitchen. Your laziness to go get a snack will inadvertently curb your sugar cravings and hopefully encourage you to snack on healthier treats such as granola bars, fruits, vegetables, string cheese, etc.

7. Eat as many meals from home as possible. This method helped me eat healthier and helped me save money on overpriced meals and unnecessary vending machine trips. Everyday I make/pack breakfast, 3 healthy snacks and lunch. Breakfast puts my day off to a great start. The snacks keep me filled so I am less likely to give into sweet cravings, and lunch is usually the biggest meal I have for the day. Bringing food from home keeps you eating healthy, regular and its cost effective.

8. Do thorough research. Research new exercises, healthy meals and snacks, clubs and groups (running clubs, swim clubs, yoga groups, spin class) workout wear and accessories, sporting events and health benefits. Staying engaged will keep you motivated and the more you turn working out into an enjoyable hobby the less it will feel like a dreaded obligation.

9. Identify your friends that have achieved some of the results you are looking to achieve and don't be afraid to ask them for suggestions and recommendations. Contrary to what you may believe, most people like to be helpful and if your friends are as kind as some of mine have been they won't mind offering suggestions, tips, encouragement and they might even workout with you. Utilize your resources.

10. Try not to obsess over instant results. This is one I still struggle with but I'm working hard to overcome. Becoming healthy is a lifestyle and not something that will happen overnight. You might not shed the 10lbs your looking to loose immediately but practing healthy habits is a guarantee that you are becoming more health conscious and it s only a matte of time before you see the results of your labor.

These are just a few of the tricks that have helped me along the way. They are not sure proof ways that will work for everyone but the consistent element in each strategy is to stay motivated. Know how to outsmart the unhealthy you and tap into the new healthier you.

If you have any questions about my tips or would like to provide me with a few tips that have worked for you as well please feel free to leave a comment or email me at

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