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Monday, August 2, 2010

How Beautiful Are You Really?

If someone asked you to name a beautiful person who would your first choice be? Would you immediately think of Kim Kardashian, Jessica Biel or Beyonce? Or would you think of someone like Oprah, or the mother at your church who's kind to everyone and always giving of herself?

Today's society is obsessed with outward beauty. How superficial the world has become as we consume our thoughts with who has the biggest butt, the nicest legs. and the best swimsuit body. Yet, how often do we hear about who has the biggest heart? The people who go around doing good with good intentions and a sincere heart. These are the people who are not worrying about if their weaves are perfect or if their Louboutins are in season. These are the people who are good at heart and their goodness radiates true beauty.

So if I now asked how beautiful are you really what would your answer be? Are you the woman who is fabulous on the outside from head to toe but if you saw a pregnant lady struggling with a stroller, the thought to help her would not cross your mind? Or would you immediately run and help her because its the kind thing to do?
Are you the wife who has been married for 10years and has stopped putting in the effort to look good for your husband? Or are you the woman who still puts on a little lip gloss and perfume for your hubby because your agreed for better or for worse and he still deserves your best? Or finally, are you the woman who's not so attractive on the outside but whose heart is so giving and so kind that people see you inside out instead of outside in?

Beauty fades with age and at the end of the day your eyelashes, weaves and size 23 waist will not be what it use to be; so, do you continue to invest only on your outward appearance or do you plant good seeds to make your inward appearance as good as your outward appearance.

There are many people who are absolutely gorgeous on the outside and downright rotten on the inside. If I had to assess my own true beauty I would say: I am the woman who is fabulous on the outside and would help a struggling pregnant woman if I saw one. I would also have to admit that I am also the person who might fuss out my neighbor for blasting their music a 6:30 a.m, instead of using it as a reason to get up early and start my day. But I am a work in progress aren't we all.

Whether you are beautiful on the outside or beautiful on the insides know that beauty shines from within.. Make today the day you decide to truly be beautiful..I know I will!...

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