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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ladies and Gents..... Why The Games??

Why do men and woman play such silly games with each other? Read my list of common games and if your guilty of some of them for pete's sake CHANGE IT!!!

Ladies, why do woman see a cute guy and as soon as he looka at you, you look away and pretend we werent looking? Not all woman do this but if you do don't fake and look away. If you see an attractive man don't play shy, flash him a subtle smile instead :-}

Fellas, why do you use the same "Good Morning" or "Good Night" texts on every girl you like in the beginning? Booooo can you switch up the game a little because if I get one more "Good Morning" text from a new guy I'm gonna SCREAM!!!!

Ladies, why do woman say they are cool with "just kickin it" or being "cuddy buddies" when they know they want a relationship? If you can't keep it 100 you don't need a cuddy buddy!

Men, why do you chase, cheat and jeopordize your relationship with the the sexual promiscious chick yet wife the wholesome "good girl?" Just be with the promiscous chick if thats what you like!!

Ladies, why do some woman pretend to not need or want a man just to prove they are independant? Ladies you can have/want a man and STILL be independant!!

Men, if you no longer feel a chick or preoccupied with someone else why is there always the girl you keep an open door with just in case? Either walk through that door or close the freaking door *!slam!*

Ladies, why are some woman still going out on dates just to get a free meal? If your too cheap to buy yourself a meal why expect someone else to.

Men, why do some of you think the world revolves around you just because your attractive, have a good job and a few muscles? FYI just because some woman act like there is a shortage of men, there actually are alot of single, attractive men out there who have themselves together so please stop acting like the last Mohigan

Ladies, why do you let your "cuddy buddies" meet your children? Your cuddy buddy isn't going to be your boyfriend stop letting the baby see all these men!!

Fellas, why do you go to the club and bag 10 numbers and then not use 1 of them. That is so corny because while you was wasting "Lisa's" time practicing your game, she could have been hollaring at Keith who would have really called. Don't waste other peoples timem it's rude!!!

Ladies, why do woman sometime "pretend" to be busy just to make it seem like they are really doing something? How about you get some hobbies and actually really be busy instead of faking!!!

Fellas, don't some of you know by now that you don't have to lie. You can be straight up with a woman and tell her exactly what it is and if she really wants to deal with you she will regardless, aint gotta lie CRAIG!!!

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