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Monday, September 7, 2009

Sneakers in Pretty Packaging!!!

Fellas, if you thought pretty packaging just applied to "girly" things you were wrong.

A new concept that is sure to create a frenzy is the unique new packaging of some of the latest kicks. From Nikes, to Adidas, to Kanye West's new LV kicks, the new packaging concept for sneakers no longer includes the typical standard cardboard box. Innovative designs now have sneakers packaged in everything from bullet like cylinder to Eco-friendly cartons. While the customized detail packaging is definitely a strong selling point some manufactures have found that the peculiar structure has caused a significant increase in production and shipping cost. One unique box you are sure to see is the LV packaging of Kanye West's new kicks. I'm not sure who will be wearing them but at least the packaging is classy.

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