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Monday, September 7, 2009

Why Tiny and Toya Makes Black Woman Look Bad

We all know the song, and have used the phrase "Our president is Black." Well along side our amazing president is the astounding first lady Michelle Obama. In a era in which the career options of a woman are boundless, shows like "Tiny and Toya" take us back to 1964. The show depicts the lives of the woman of 2 of the worlds most famous rappers, TI and Lil Wayne.

The direction of the show is completely unclear to me as these woman do not portray strength,intelligence, ambition or class. I might sound a tad harsh in my assessment however, this show sets a terrible example for all young girls watching. We have Michelle Obama who is a wife, a mother, a Harvard graduate and so much more yet, "Tiny" will say on national television that she doesn't know if she should go back to work because TI doesn't want her to. Toya was shown knocking door to door looking for her mom who is currently on drugs and I cannot recall a episode in which Lil Wayne nor TI's name was not mentioned during the show. With deep concentration I can understand what these woman are saying but when first hearing them speak it's as if they speak in script, all their words are connected. How has this become the proper representation of an African American woman?

Tiny deserves minimal credit for her success in Escape however, she does not expose herself to be a strong intelligent business woman. Toya resents being referred to as "Lil Wayne's baby mom's" yet, she is writing a book about her previous marriage centered around the rapper.

I hold no judgement on these woman individually, but my qualm is that they are a poor representation of an African American woman in 2009. African Americans have finally made it and we do not necessarily come from the ghetto, have family members on drugs or speak improperly and blame it on "our southern roots."

"Tiny and Toya" is a show that should have never been picked up by BET let alone aired. TI is now incarcerated and Lil Wayne is expecting 2 babies at the same time from 2 different woman. Is TI and Lil Wayne really the ideal men whose wives/woman should be highlighted? The entertainment reality tv provides us with after a stressful day of work is humorous however, Tiny and Toya's show makes sista's look bad and black people look bad!


  1. I agree somewhat. My problem with the show, as most of reality shows, is they don’t have jobs. I hate seeing people sit around all day doing nothing. Also I hate the fact that their whole existence centers around the famous men that they are connected too. I do find Toya’s struggle with her mother compelling. To me ‘Real Housewives of ATL’ is so much worse. I can say that Tiny and Toya are shown more as caring mothers, and aren’t having their homes foreclosed on left and right. Tiny and Toya may have country accents and may not be top notch classy, but at least they’re not constantly cursing at each other and being vindictive.

    But of course if I had daughters, I definitely would want them to aspire to be Michelle Obam, not Tiny or Toya.

  2. conni3 good point, I might have to review RHOA cause they are a hot mess too lol

  3. I really can't watch either. Maybe I'm just a hater because I have to go to work and they get to sit around doing nothing all day!

  4. I am in total agreement with you, I tried to watch this show twice and just could not get through it. BET needs to do alot better in general. Two other words " Frankie & Neffe" Why BET!

  5. lol thanks for stopping by the page V, but please please don't get me started on Frankie & Neffe, I try to keep the blog PC( politically correct) but if I start talking about them two I I might be banned lol


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