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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Service Worth Paying For!

The other day I needed a little pick me up so I made a trip to Nordy's. For those of you who know me you know that Nordy's is by far my FAVORITE store. While their merchandise is high end and trendy it is their quality customer service that keeps me coming back.

The shoe department is typically staffed with nicely suited salesmen who wait around all day for someone like me to increase their weekly commission checks. In this instance my salesmen was very new and fairly young so I will refer to him as the "sales guy".

I walked around the shoe department with my "I need some shoes don't play with me face" and the sales guy approached me and asked if I needed any help? I responded and said "no but I will, so stay close". I continued to peruse the shoe section in search of finding the most fabulous pair of shoes I could find, and in 15 minutes I had 3 pairs of shoes in my hand. Before I could turn around to look for my sales guy he appeared right behind me and said "what size?". I pretended like I was not impressed but I was.

My sales guy went off to retrieve my shoes and upon his return he informed me that they did not have my size in ANY of the shoes I liked, but he brought me a larger size just in case. The Charles David shoes he brought in a bigger size did not fit of course, and I immediately became disappointed. I asked him what was in the other shoe box and he revealed a pair of chiffon nude sandals. I immediately said " I didn't ask for those" and he humbly stated that he thought I might like them. Looking at him sideways all I could say was ummmmmmmm.

Suprisingly, I loved the shoes he picked out and they looked amazing on me. I played it cool the entire time but I was quite surprised that a STRAIGHT, young salesmen was able to tap into my style so perfectly in only one try. I continued to play hard ball and asked him how much the shoes were and BINGO they fell right in my price range. I could have hugged him but I managed to refrain myself.

Nordy's did not have a "brand new" pair in my size so my sales guy said they would ship me a fresh pair with no extra cost. I pouted and told him I needed the shoes by Friday but he said Tuesday would be the soonest I would receive them. Completely in love with the shoes, I agreed. We completed the purchase and I finally told my sales guy he did a very good job to be so new. He was amazed that I KNEW he was new and could pinpoint the exact timeframe in which he was hired, but hey that's what happens when you have a favorite store, you know the staff!

My sales guy wrote his name on my receipt and told me to expect my shoes on Tuesday. If that experience wasn't fabulous enough the next day I heard a knock on my door and guess who it was?? THE SHOES.

Great job CHARLES you are officially my new Nordy's sales guy.

Check out the shoes Charles picked out for me and let me know if you love them as much as I do!!!


  1. Pretty shoes..
    Always helps when you receive great service..
    I'm a bit curious as to how much of your money is in their till though..
    Considering you know when the salesmen started.. :D :D

  2. Dang!! Those are hot! You should find out if he's single. lol


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